Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Birthday Card ATM Machine

Well, how about that? 2 posts/tutorials from me in one day! That's mostly because the kiddos are keeping themselves entertained and the baby is sick, so she is in and out of sleep most of the day.

If you're like me, you get kind of tired of trying to find something for your family member(s) for their birthday. I don't usually like to give money or birthday cards because they are "boring". Well, I got to thinking, you know what? I would actually LOVE to get money or gift cards for my birthday, so why not give those to others? I'll just make it more fun. So I designed this Birthday ATM Machine Card, I think it turned out rather cool. I just hope my brother likes it, seeing is how he will be the first one to receive this particular card. :)

Here's how you can make your own:

Step one: Print off these 2 templates onto white card stock.

Step two: You (or have your children) color the "back" of the card and sign your family's names.

Step three: Cut out the "money slot".

Step four: Cut out the borders of the front and back of the card.

Step five: Tape the money together end to end.

Step six: Fold the money back and forth until you have a neat little pile.

Step seven: Place the stack of money on the backside of the "atm machine", make sure to leave a "piece" of the front bill outside on the money slot on the front of the atm machine.

Step eight: Put a piece of folded tape in each of the four corners on the back of the atm machine.

Step nine: Place the back of the card over the back of the atm machine and tape it to the four pieces of tape on each corner.

Step ten: Using tape, seal all four edges of the atm machine card, and your done! Choose how you want to wrap it or give it to your birthday boy/girl just like this. You know, as I am typing this up, I just realized, you could also put the atm machine part of the card onto the top of a wrapped shoe box and it would work just as good and probably even look cooler! LOL, I love when my ideas change after I've finished them! hahaha.


  1. Such a wonderful idea. for me it is a great choice for someone who wants a unique birthday cards design. so I planning to consider this one for my husband's birthday. thanks for sharing it . I hope I can make one that my husband will can be confused weather it is a atm machine or a birthday card. hahahah :)

  2. thank you for sharing this awesome idea. I really love it !!
    especially when put some warmbirthday messages to make it more special. anyway, I really appreciate this one. thanks :)

  3. Just found this brilliant idea going to make it for my 16yr old Grandson! As only money will do LOL THANKQ

  4. Love this idea. Going to make it for my son so he can get what he wants for his birthday. Thanks for sharing this great idea.