Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks

Well, before I begin this tutorial I owe a HUGE thank you to my dad! He has some of the coolest tools (aka toys as he calls them) and if it weren't for him and his talents, these spice racks probably would have taken me alot longer than I would have liked. So thank you so much dad! You are the best!!!

Now, I originally came up with this idea when I started losing room in my pantry and cupboards for food and other storage. I have a very VERY small kitchen and even less cupboard space. We even had to turn our hallway closet that should be used for storing coats and the vaccum into our kitchen pantry. So when I saw some spice racks that hang inside of a cupboard, I thought how cool would it be if I could find a spice rack that would hang inside my pantry door instead? Well, I searched all over the internet, and everything cost WAY more than what I was willing to pay, so I designed these spice racks. As I was taking pictures and thinking of everything I would need to tell you in this tutorial, I realized that I got quite a steel for the material for these. Hopefully you can find the same types of materials for just as cheap.

First off, you will need the following items:

10 Wood Rectangles (I used Bass Wood because I got a steal of a deal on the wood because our local Robert's Arts & Crafts store went out of business.) Anyways, these rectangles will need to measure 14" long by 3" tall and about 1/4" thick. These will serve as the 2 long sides to your racks. My husband tells me that Bass Wood is about to get VERY expensive as they are running out of Bass Trees because the demnad is higher than how fast those trees can grow. So you can go to any of your local lumber places, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc, and they should be able to cut a different kind of wood for you to this exact size and thickness for you. If you buy the wood from them, the cutting should be free.

5 Wood Rectangles that measure 13.5" long by 3" tall. These will serve as the bottom pieces to your racks.

10 Pieces of Wood that measure 3" x 2 & 15/16" inches. These will serve as your two small end sides to your racks.

15 "Molly's" (at least that's what my husband calls them.) You will need these if you have a hollow pantry door, these will help hold the screws in the door that you will need to hang the spice racks.

15 Screws that fit inside the molly's. Mine are 1" screws in length.

These 3 bottles are optional, you could always use wood glue, but I have no patience and this stuff is amazing. The bottle in the middle is Gorilla Hobbies' Insta-Cure Super Glue (this is used for adhering your spice racks together), the bottle on the left is Gorilla Hobbies' Insta-Set Spray (this spray is used to make your super glue set instantly, so there is no waiting for drying), and the bottle on the right is Gorilla Hobbies' Un-Cure (This is incase you glue the wrong board to another, also, it helps to take the super glue off your hands and finger when you are done).

You will also want something to set your racks on while you are gluing. YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE PAPER! If your glue runs off the board and onto the paper, you will have paper stuck to your box when you try to lift it off. I used left over "paper" from some vinyl. It has this certain texture to it that doesn't allow adhesive to permanently stick to it. You don't have to use this, you can always use something else that the super glue won't stick to forever.

Finally you will need the following items (not pictured):

15 Picture Frame Holders (3 Per Spice Rack)
- And -
Paint to color your spice racks (I used spray paint)

Now, lets make those space racks!

First, take your bottom piece of wood, the one that measures 13.5" in length, and take one of your 3" x 2 & 15/16" pieces of wood, and glue the smaller piece to the end to the bigger piece like so....

After you have glue the pieces together, hold them together while you spray the Insta-Set Spray on the inside and outside of your glued pieces.

Repeat this step with the other side of the 13.5" board using another 3" x 2 & 15/16" piece. When you have repeated this step, you should now have something that looks like this:

Now, with your rack still turned on its side like shown above, glue the three edges that are face up and glue one of your 14" wood pieces on top of that glue, then spray with your Insta-Set spray:

Then flip your spice rack over and repeat this step using another 14" piece of wood for your other side:

Now repeat all of these steps again until you have 5 Spice Racks.

Now, before you move onto painting, I'm sure you want to get that super glue off of your fingers...here is how: Take your un-cure bottle and squirt some of it onto the "affected" fingers. You don't need a ton, but enough to rub your fingers together until the glue comes off. DO NOT wash your hands until all the super glue is off, the water will just make the super glue reset onto your fingers.

Now it's time to paint your spice racks. I took mine outside and laid down left over wrapping paper to set my spice racks on. If you paint in thin payers, you should only need to wait 5-10 minutes between coats when you paint.

Once your spice racks have dried, attach your picture frame holders.

Now is probably the hardest part of all if you don't know how to use a drill....between my dad and my hubby teaching me how, I was able to do this part on my own! Using your spice racks, mark on your door where each picture frame holder is...

Now using a drill bit (I had to use a 11/64 size) drill the 3 holes necessary to hang your spice rack.

Next, push a "molly" into each hole as far as you can with your fingers, when you can no longer push it in, or it hurts your fingers to keep pushing, use a hammer to gently hammer it in the rest of the way.

Now using your drill, drill in the 3 screw into the molly's.

Now hang your spice rack onto it's 3 screws, then repeat these steps over again (starting with drilling the holes) until you have hung all 5 of your spice racks. Then your done! Have fun organizing and freeing up some much needed space! I sure do love mine!!!