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Contacting Me:

I just recently changed me email address today for my blog so I no longer get business and blog info and such to our family email account. Because I have over 100 posts on my blog, I do not have the time to go through every post and change my email. I do apologize for this. However, my email address on the posts may be wrong if the posts were before August 2012. With that being said, you can contact me anytime, day or night, at:

I try to respond within the hour, however, sometimes life an be busy and it may be even 24 hours before I can respond, so please be patient with me. Thank you so much!

Robin Lyman
Creator of RobbyGurl's Creations (and the Menu Board)

Leaving A Comment:

If you leave a question in the "comment" area of any blog post, please please PLEASE leave your email address so that I can respond to your question, or please email me directly at: rather than leave a comment! Thank you!


  1. Okay recently purchased your menu board combo pack.... I wasnt thinking and printed the orginial. lol does this mean if I print of the cyberspecialties I will duplicate all the rec.? Also is the school lunch menu in that as well? (The cyberspecial file)

  2. Hi I have looked at your Menu Board and love the idea. I was wondering (and it might be here and I just don't know where to go) if you sell just the templates. I see your prices for the whole thing but didn't see where its just the templates and recipes. ( I have all of the other things)

  3. The 100 original recipes are completely different from the cyberpsecialties recipes and the school lunch recipes are different as well. there are 1200 total recipe in the menu board combo pack. If you have any more questions, please email me at the email address above, it's a lot easier for me to contact you rather than leave a comment here. Thank you!

  4. At the top of my blog, click on the tab that says "everything menu board" right after the picture that says "christmas layaway" is where you will find the 3 sets of files that you can purchase seperately.

  5. is the menu combo pack still available?