Monday, January 5, 2015

Mommy Needs A Helping Hand

Hey everyone! I'm back and ready with a new post for a new year! I am determined this year to stick to what I start and to stick to the new year's resolutions I have made. One thing I am determined to stick to this year is a chore chart for my kids. Yes, I know, another chore chart! However, I couldn't seem to stick to any of the other chore charts I had created before. They were TOO organized and TOO by the book and TOO tailored to me. Meaning, they never worked because they weren't tailored to my children's wants, needs and their own organized ways. For the past month my children have literally been begging for a way to earn money. My children are ages 9, 6, and 3, and while I don't think they need money at this age, I respect their desire to want to earn it not be given it. So I spent the last month wracking my brain for a way that I could help them earn money by doing chores. Then, this morning while browsing through the news feed in my Facebook, I came across this:

This is from The Friend magazine (and if you click on the picture, it should take you to the original Facebook post I saw this one.) Anyways, I know this post is about service to others, but it totally sparked something in my brain and I knew exactly what I wanted to do! So I came up with this:

My husband and I both agreed that my children didn't need to be paid very much, these are very simple tasks that, let's face it, mommy does for free! I didn't want to break the bank paying my kids for their chores, but I also wanted to allow them to learn how to work and earn money at the same time. So I typed this page up and added my children's names to it. I made a blank one here for you, just copy and paste to your own word or paint program, add kids name if you are using paint and then print!

I then found this handprint outline online, copied and pasted it to my word program and made multiple copies on several different colors of cardstock. I then came up with chores that my children could do around the house and set a price on each handprint. For example: "Take out the downstairs bathroom trash - 10 cents" or "Help set the kitchen table at dinner time - 10 cents". I then cut out each handprint and used magnetic tape, cut the magnetic tape into squares and applied them to the back of each handprint so they could "stick" to the fridge. Whenever the kids want, (once again, I am tailoring the chores to the children), the kids can pick a chore, do it, and I will give them a ticket. On that ticket I will write basically an IOU for them to put in a plastic baggy that I will place under the arrows on the sign that I created for the fridge under each of their names. 

Once they have completed certain chores, I will place the completed chore above the handy helper sign. This is so the children can't take out the trash everyday or other chores that don't need to be done daily. The other chores will stay below the sign that can be done daily. Then, at the end of each week, we will count up the IOU's and I will pay my children what they earned and replace all the hands under the handy helper sign again. Making them wait till the end of each week will teach them patience, I think, and along with earning money, I will have a chance to teach my children tithing, savings, and waiting to spend your money on something you really want or need instead of spending it just because you have it. I'm really excited about this and I can't wait until FHE tonight (our first ever, one of my goals for the new year) to explain it to them! I hope they will be as excited about this as me! 

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