Friday, July 4, 2014

You Can Fly!

A few weeks ago I felt this insane urge to help someone very close to me, someone who needed some encouragement, someone who needed to start thinking more positively. So I started collecting quotes. They are very popular right now on facebook and I see them constantly through my news feed daily. There were so many I wanted to share with this person that I just started collecting them. My poor friends probably saw 10-20 quotes a day that I shared through my own news feed. I originally was planning on just doing 365 quotes, but I kept finding such sound advice and kept getting inspired too add new ones that it eventually became 500! Thanks to the help of my RobbyGurl's Creations facebook fans, I was able to get the amazing title to this daily positive thought calendar:

I love this title in every way! Thinking positive and trying to be a more happy person is literally lifting yourself up! So this title is perfect! Now, lets teach you how I put it together, this is actually a method I learned in my graphic arts class back in high school, so it's really very easy to do. 

So first, purchase your 500 quotes by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below, it's only $5.00!!!

Next, once I have personally emailed you your 500 quotes within 12-24 hours, print them out onto your choice of colored paper. You can do all white or all of one color too, but I chose to do 6 different colors. 25 pages of each color. (There are 4 quotes to a page).

After printing, using a paper cutter, cut out each quote. I tried to stay as close to the points on each side of each individual quote.

Once you have cut out each individual quotes, place them in a neat pile, "dropping" them neatly against a hard surface to make sure that the tops of every quote are aligned with each other. Then place your pile between two piece of boards. If you have clamps that will clamp over 500 pages, then I recommend using those, my dad had a couple, but even opening them up as big as I could make them, still wasn't big enough to hold mine. So I just placed heavy-ish items on top of the board on my pile. After you have done that, lightly brush 6-10 layers of Elmer's Glue or Mod Podge along the tops of the quotes, like so...

Don't go to heavy on the glue, otherwise you could wrinkle the papers, which is why I suggest 6-10 light layers. They dry fast, and if your still impatient, grab a blow dryer! :)

And you're done! Now you can just peel off a paper each day to help you think more positive, get advice, or just be happy! Enjoy! Oh, and look below, I have samples of what the files look like.

Here are some sample pages of what the files look like that you will be purchasing. This is only 10 of the 125 pages worth of quotes you will be receiving:

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