Friday, July 26, 2013

Interchangeable Chore Chart

Hey Everyone! Me...again...with yet another chore chart....again, lol. Our family has always had a difficult time with chores. No, let me correct that, I have always had a hard time with chores. I am very OCD and I like things organized and clean in a certain way, and it drives me nuts when someone does my cleaning/organizing differently, and most of the time I end up re-doing what someone else did because it bothers me so much. I'm finally forcing myself to come to terms with the fact that my kids will never learn how to help - or even want to help for that matter - unless I start teaching them and letting them help out.

Which is why I came up with this system. I wrote down a list of every chore imaginable, and added chores to the list thanks to all of your feedback! I also split everything into 3 categories: Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Chores....then separated those chores into five color-coded groups: Everyone NEEDS To Do Chores, ANYONE Can Do Chores, Needs Help From Mommy Or Daddy Chores, Mommy Or Daddy ONLY Chores, and Kids ONLY Chores. I even came up with a reward system that I think will make EVERYONE happy and won't break the bank.

Ok, so let's get down to how to make this chore chart for your own family in your own home. To start with, you will need the following items:

* The Chore Chart Templates, Printed onto colored cardstock of your choice (I chose white for the categories, a different color for each group, and then golden colored cardstock for the reward tickets)
* 17 x 23 Dry Erase Calendar (Mine is identical to my menu board...coincidence? I think not...)
* 3 Ring Binder Pouches (1 per family member, and 1 extra to hold reward tickets)
* 12.7 mm Mini Flexible Magnets (I got a package of 50 pieces from Michael's)
* Buttons or Jewels to glue to the magnets, a different color for each member of the family (I found little containers of 42 piece buttons at Michael's in their $1.50 bins, they had 6 different colors which was PERFECT for our family.)

Not Pictured, but you will also need:
* Scissors
* Tape
* Hot Glue Gun
* Push Pins or Cup Hooks (1 for each binder pouch)
* Rubberbands (To help keep the reward tickets separated into their different rewards)

Now, your first step is to print and cut out your templates, I created mine using Microsoft Word. All I did was "create a table" that was 3 columns by 8 rows. Then I typed everything in size 23 font, then I skipped the first line and typed out the chore/reward in the next two rows. This made it so the rectangle that I created was the perfect size for the square on the board, and by skipping the first line and leaving it blank, I created a space for the magnet to hold the paper on the board without covering any words.

Tape the category cards over the names of the days of the week:

Add your chores to the squares by taping them on (store the extra chore cards in the rewards pouch for interchanging):

One thing I LOVE about this, is the color coordination will help children to know what they NEED to do, what they CAN do, and what they need HELP with. It will also help mommy (or daddy) to remember what chores need to be done, what has been done, and also (my favorite part) we can interchange the monthly chores to make sure the "springtime cleaning" chores get rotated and done.

Use decorate push pins to pins the group title cards to the cork board strip. Then add push pins to the cork board strip (1 per family member + 1 for the reward pouch) or, screw the cup hooks into the cork boards trips, or you can drill small holes into the bottom of your board for the cup hooks to screw into, for more info on how to do that, please see my Ultimate Menu Board Tutorial:

Separate and rubberband together the reward tickets, place them inside their binder pouch, then hang the pouches on the push pins or cup hooks:

Some of the rewards we chose for our family:
10 Minutes of Xbox Time
10 Minutes of Computer Time (this is a reward for me, I am on Facebook WAY too much, and hopefully this will discipline me to not be on it so much)
10 Minutes of TV Time
10 Minutes of Nabi Time (My kids each have a Nabi 2, if you haven't heard about them, I HIGHLY recommend looking into them, best thing we ever bought for our kids!)
1 Prize from the reward bucket
Movie Night
1 Hole of Golf (This one I particularly like, I think it will get my husband to do more chores around the house without asking, cause he can't go play a full round of golf until he's done at least NINE chores....hee hee hee)
1 Hour with Friends

Choose how to give out the rewards as a family, I think for our family we will reward daily, this not only keeps track of what chores have been "paid" for, but hopefully will keep everyone excited about doing chores so they earn more rewards tomorrow. I think we are going to add the "payment" portion of the chore chart to out bedtime routine.

Finally, glue your buttons/jewels to your mini magnets. These magnets will be what you and the family members use each day to show that they have completed the chore. Store magnets in each person's pouch according to color.

The chores listed on our family chore chart are:

Clear Kitchen Table After Meal
Set Kitchen Table For Meal
Sweep Under Kitchen Table
Fill Audrey's Food & Water Bowl (Audrey is our dog)
Take Audrey for a walk
Make your bed
Pick up toys
Read for 15 minutes
Do Your Homework
Help Put Away Dishes
Help Load the dishes
Wipe off kitchen table
Wipe off kitchen counters
Get drinks for meal time
Pick up dirty clothes
Brush your teeth
Clean Kitchen Sink
Clean Bathroom Sink
Dust Bookshelves
Dust Tile Floors
Mop Tile Floors
Vacuum Bedrooms
Pull Weeds
Clean Up Inside Audrey's Fence (this means using the pooper scooper)
Take Out the trash
Fold laundry
Put away clean clothes
Sweep back deck
Water Plants
Wipe off bathroom counters
Clean out fridge
Organize toys
Organize DVD's
Clean light switches
Clean doors
Clean baseboards
Clean Bath/Shower
Clean Bathroom Floor
Dust ceiling fans
Wash windows
Wipe down walls
Clean door knobs
Wipe off kitchen cabinets
Wipe off bathroom cabinets
Organize kitchen cupboards
Organize bathroom cupboards
Change air filter
Clean out microwave
Clean out oven
Organize medicine cabinet
Organize office desk
Organize closets
Organize/Clean Out Garage
Clean/Dust Picture Frames/Wall Decor
Wipe down kitchen chairs
Clean out pantry
Wash/vacuum family van

I am sure I will think of more as the days go on and I notice more things to clean :). I hope I explained everything ok, and if I didn't, hopefully the pictures help you to better understand. As always, please feel free to email me if nothing makes sense. Please do NOT leave your questions in the comment boxes below UNLESS you are leaving your email address as well. I often can't respond to questions because people often leave their questions without an email address for me to respond to, so please, email me your questions at, thank you so much and I hope this works for you family!

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