Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Orange Rhino "Up-Count"

So, a few weeks ago, I discovered this website that has completely changed my life! I am not being dramatic, I promise. If you knew just how badly I wanted to changed this part about myself, you would understand what a HUGE deal it was for me to find The Orange Rhino!

This is slightly embarrassing for me to admit, (but he, the first step to solving a problem is admitting it, right?) Anyways, I have a yelling problem. I don't really discipline my children other than yelling, and I know a large part of that is because that is how I was raised, but the other part of that is because I don't think I ever consciously made the choice to NOT yell at my children.

To this day, I still tear up (almost instantly), if someone even begins to raise their voice at me. My parents never had to ground me or take anything away because yelling was enough for me, it will always be enough for me. However, with that being the case, I know just how scary it is to be yelled at. I don't know why I would yell at my children, I am 100% positive they feel the same way.

Unfortunately I have yelled at my daughter to the point of crying, and my son to the point that he closes his eyes, covers his ears and sometimes even hides under his blanket in his bedroom. I HAVE to stop! There is no other option! And the Orange Rhino is just that extra push I need to make sure I accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

So, along with purchasing orange nail polish and posting orange rhino's all over my house and in my car, I made this "Up-Count" Wreath. I call it up-count because I am counting up to how many days I go without yelling. This is just a small tutorial to show you how to make your own Up-Count Wreath to help you out in achieving your goal to not yell as well.

So, first you will need to gather the following items:

A Small Foam Wreath
Orange & Pink Yarn
Orange & Pink Toll Paint
Wooden Letters
Up-Count Numbers Printed Onto Orange Card Stock (Template at the end of this post)
Paper Hole Punch
6 Binder Rings
Un-Sharpened Pencil
Foam Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun

First, start by tying the end of your yarn to the wreath, then wrap it around. Then do the same with the pink.

Now, before you paint your letters, position them on your wreath so you know what letters need to be painted orange and what ones need to be painted pink.

Then paint your letters and glue them to your wreath.

Now wrap up your pencil in the orange and pink yarn.

Now, glue your pencil to the inside of your wreath. Glue both ends, stick it in the wreath, then add extra glue the the front and back ends of the pencil.

Finally, add your up-count numbers to the pencil.

And your done! Now, if you want to add some more reminders around your house to help you not yell, then I suggest printing out these adorable rhinos I found online onto orange card stock and place them all over your house or wherever you think you need reminding.

I even put some orange rhino's on Popsicle sticks for my children to help remind me, especially when I am just beginning to get stressed, frustrated, or annoyed. I'm hoping for all the best for me, and for you! Good luck!

Oh! Here are the up-count numbers! Sorry! LOL

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  1. I stumbled across The Orange Rhino a few weeks ago and have since noticed just how much I yell. I, too, am taking the challenge, though I have had to restart my days a few times already :/. Maybe your rhinos around. Y house will help! It is such a hard habit to break, good luck!