Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter In An Egg

Easter seemed to rapidly approach this year, and my sweet five year old son kept calling is "Easter bunny day". I tried explaining to him multiple times that Easter was about Jesus, not the Easter bunny. I know my children know the story of Christ and his death and how he came back to life three days later, however, my son didn't seem to grasp the idea that the reason why we have the Easter holiday is because of Christ. I had to change that, my heart was hurting to think that my son didn't know what Easter was all about. So, I decided to mix the Easter egg hunt we do for our kids every year and the story of Christ, simply by putting the Story of Christ inside the Easter eggs.

I found this cute little story book, perfect for little minds, at the LDS magazine website of The Friend. You can go here to get the story book. When printing the story book, click "print". When the print box appears, select the option to print multiple pages per sheet. Select "4" pages. This will make the story book small enough to fit all 8 pages onto half of a sheet, making it small enough to fit inside Easter eggs.

You will also need the following:

2 Binder Rings Per Storybook
Paper Hole Punch
Card Stock, White & Color
8 Large Easter Eggs Per Storybook
The Storybook "He Sent His Son" From The Friend Magazine, Printed Onto White Card Stock
The template I created for you at the end of this blog, printed onto colored card stock. You don't have to use it, but I wanted a "background" for the little story books for my children.

This is so simple, and you can easily have it done by this Easter Sunday! First, after you have printed the storybook and template onto card stock, cut out everything.

Next, tape each page of the storybook onto each of the squares I provided for you in the template.

Now, punch a hole into the top corners of each story book page:

Place each storybook page inside the large plastic Easter eggs:

Add the Easter eggs to your child's Easter egg hunt, then when your hunt is over, help your child put the story book together and bind it with the two binder rings. Then tell the Easter story of Christ how he died for each of us, and how we can all live again because of Him! Happy Easter! I hope you and your children enjoy!

Here is the "background" template if you want to add that "flare" to your child's storybook, you can even laminate the pages if you want it to be more permanent. 

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