Friday, March 29, 2013

Countdown To Disney

In less than a week after my children get out of school this year, we are off to our Disney vacation! They are beyond excited, and so are my husband and I. I'm adding to my children's excitement by making their very own Disney Autograph Books, "Mailboxes" to hang outside our doors where we are staying, because we are traveling with family, I think it will be fun to pass notes back and forth to each other (blog post soon to come on that one too), and finally, and countdown for my children so they know just how close they are to seeing Mickey and The Gang again!

This countdown was so much fun to make! I had all the supplies on hand already, which means, you don't have to use the same things I used, use what is around your house, or what is cheapest. Don't stress yourself out on this, let is be a fun activity for you AND your children! 

So for this little craft I gathered the following supplies:

1 Black Foam Poster Board
Wooden Craft Letters (Basic Elements Brand from Wal*Mart, you can get a bucket of 208 letter for only $6.00!)
Toll Paints
Red, White, Black & Yellow Construction Paper
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters printed onto white card stock (link provided in the steps below)
Markers (or crayons, or colored pencils, I prefer markers)
Foam Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun
Scissors (and/or Exacto Knife)

First, for the Mickey Mouse head, you will want to find the largest circle in your house you can find, for me, it was my Interchangeable Wreath. Also, you will want to find a small circle for the ears, I used my biggest Pyrex bowl. Using these two items, trace 1 large circle and 2 small circles onto the black poster board. You can use a pencil and it will show up just fine on the black.

Next, using scissors (or an exacto knife, which is what I ended up using) cut out your three circles. (Once you have cut them out, you may need to use a nail file or sand paper to help smooth out the edges of the circles if need be.)

Now, using your hot glue gun, glue the ears to the head. I glues the actually edges together, then I put a thick strip of glue along the top of both the front and back of the ears. Allow adequate drying time to your ears don't fall off, or stick to your working surface.

This is where I had the most fun....painting! Now, using your toll paints, paint your wooden letters, you will only need to do one side as you will be gluing the back sides down to the Mickey head.

While your letters are drying, glue your ribbon to your Mickey head.

Then glue your letters to your Mickey head.

Now, it's time to color the character to put on your countdown. You can go to the Disney Junior website to find them, click here to get them. The characters I used are on page 3. Once you have printed out your characters onto white card stock, color them with your choice of coloring tools, cut them out, then hot glue them (and their names - from the coloring pages also - if you want) onto the Mickey head. Now the "hard" part is over! What do you think so far? Are you having fun?

Finally, we are going to create the countdown chain. Using your ruler, "trace" the ruler to make your countdown strips onto the construction paper. Since we are leaving in 60 days, I did 30 black strips, 10 red strips, 10 white strips, and 10 yellow strips.

Once you have traced all your strips, cut them out:

Using a "scrap" strip from all that you cut out, create "loops" for your chain to hang from. I used tape to secure mine to the back of the board, but you can use hot glue if you want. Just be careful not to burn yourself as the construction paper is VERY thin.

Now your last step is to staple all your chain links together and your done! Now, every night before bed, you can rip off one link to help your kids know how much closer you are to your family vacation! Enjoy!!!

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