Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday To You! Calendar

Hello again everyone! I'm sure you've seen this birthday calendar going around on pinterest...I've seen quite a few of them, and I love them all, but I like to make my own things...with my own colors, shapes, I made my own:

I know there are many of these going around, and heck maybe some of you haven't seen them at all. (I just found out last night from one of my friends that she thought I came up with this on my own...she has yet to see it on pinterest.) Anyways, I haven't been to any of the blogs or websites where I have seen multiple pictures of the DIY Birthday Calendar, so I don't know if there are tutorials for those, but I am going to provide a tutorial for you. 

First off, you will need the following, and guess what, you can make this craft for less than $15.00!!! You could probably do it even cheaper than that if you get ribbon off of clearance and only choose one or two colors of paint instead of 6 different colors like I did. Ok, so here is what you need:

A Paper Plate 
A Foam Paint Brush (I used one for each color so I didn't have to rinse out the brush and wait for it to dry before I could start on the next color. I got lucky when I was purchasing paintbrushes, they were selling bundles of foam brushes for $1.00...there were 14 brushes in a bundle - SCORE!)
A Piece of Bass Wood (1/4" x 3" x 24") I got mine at JoAnn's for $3.99
A Package of Small Wooden Hearts (or whatever you choose, I got a package of 40 hearts for $4.99 at JoAnn's.)
Toll Paint (I got mine - non gloss - at Wal*Mart for only $0.52 a bottle!!!)
A Sharpie Marker
1-2 Spools of Ribbon (I used 1 1/2, but you can use more or less, it's all up to you!)
A Hot Glue Gun w/ Extra Glue Sticks
Paper Towels, or some other disposable surface to paint on
Scissors (sorry I forgot to add them to the picture above)

Ok, now, this is seriously so easy, but I will warn, it does take time, patience, and a steady hand (if you don't want to get completely covered in paint) but it was well worth the time and effort for me...and very therapeutic for me to. It was nice to take time on something for once, instead of rushing through things because I always seem to be in such a hurry lately.

Step 1: Paint your piece of bass wood with your color of choice. You may want to do two coats of paint. I did. ***Tip, if you are too impatient to wait for your paint to dry before you paint the other side (which painting the other side is completely optional) use push pins to keep the wet painted side lifted up of of your painting surface.

I put 2 push pins at each end.

Here it is when it's flipped over.

Make sure to paint the edges too.

Step 2: While your bass wood is drying, paint your hearts.

Step 3: Cut your ribbon into 12 equal strips. (Mine are all about 14" in length.)

Step 4: Mark your board with a pencil, every 2 inches, so that you have a guide for where to write the names of each month on your board.

Step 5: Now, once again using the pencil, lightly write the name of each month in their designated spots. Don't worry if you mess up, the pencil erases easily off the board and doesn't take the paint with it.

Step 6: Now, write over what you wrote in pencil, with your Sharpie marker.

Step 7: Mark your board with a pencil again on the back side, so you can hot glue all of your strips of ribbon at equal points across the board. I marked mine at every odd inch. (So 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11...)

Step 8: Now glue each strip of ribbon to the back of your board.

Step 9: Write the names and dates of everyone's birthdays on each heart. For example, my son's birthday is January 1st, and since his "heart" will already be glue to the ribbon that hangs underneath "January", I only need to write his name and the #1. Then write over it with your sharpie once you are satisfied.

Step 10: Cut 2 more strips of ribbon for the top of your board so that it can hang on your wall. Glue one end of each strip of ribbon to each of the top two corner of the board...on the back of the board.

Step 11: Glue the other two ends of the ribbons together in the middle. Then take a a piece of ribbon, wrap it around the point where the ribbons meet, and glue. (I did this as an alternative to a bow...because I am not talented in the bow tying area lol.)

Step 12: Finally, glue all the hearts onto their coordinating ribbons and then write "Happy Birthday To You" (or whatever your want it to say) across the top of your board, first with pencil, then with a sharpie, and your done! See! Wasn't that easy? (Sorry to those of you who had a difficult time with this, sometimes I think things are easier that they really are lol.)

Enjoy celebrating (and remembering) every family member's birthday! Come back soon to see what I'm creating next! There are definitely more projects to come and very VERY soon!

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