Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY "Conversation Hearts" Craft

A friend of mine started a Girl's Night Craft Club for all of her friends....and I was included! We had our first craft night this past Thursday night and we made these "Conversation Hearts" that my friend saw on Pinterest.

Now, I was able to find the originator of this craft over at The Peanut Shop and if you aren't feeling crafty, or would like her to make yours for you...this craft is available for purchase through her. But since my friends and I have already made this craft, I took the time to take step by step pictures and create a tutorial for you. This craft is really simple, and you don't need to be a master crafter to be able to make this. We made our hearts for less than $10.00 for EVERYTHING! So here is what you need:

Your Choice of Color of Toll Paints (You can get these for as little at $0.52 a bottle at Wal*Mart, paints with gloss are around $0.98 a bottle)
Your Choice of Ribbon
Wooden Hearts, One for Each Member of Your Family (You can get them at any crafts store, my friend got hers at JoAnn's for like $0.80 a heart, I got mine at Michael's for $0.99 a heart)
A Hot Glue Gun (or Stapler....I'll explain later, but you only need one or the other)
Foam Paintbrushes (I scored a bundle of 14 foam paint brushes for $1 at Michael's)
Sharpie (Any color works, I used black, my friend used red)

Like I said, these are really easy to make, so Step 1:

Paint each of your hearts a different color, if you are painting hearts like mine, leave the center of the heart unpainted....we'll be making it more of a "2-tone" painted heart when we are all done. You made need to do more than one coat of paint.

Just paint the front....

and the edges...there is no need to paint the back as you won't be seeing it when it's hanging on the wall.

Step 2: After the outer color has dried, paint the inside heart white, or a lighter color of your choice if you choose to. I don't think I can stress enough to my fans, followers, and fellow crafters...Don't ever feel like you need to make something EXACTLY as others do. Don't be afraid to make the craft your own! Do your own colors, use your own paint, style how you would want to fit your tastes and your homes decor! :)

Step 3: Using your sharpie, write your family's names on each heart. (Or you could always cut the names out of vinyl and stick them on each heart.) Another idea, is you could make them TRUE conversation hearts and write things on them like "Kiss Me", "Hug Me", "Marry Me", etc.

Step 4: Cut a 6"-8" strip of ribbon for each heart that you have, and then one extra strip of ribbon that is between 8"-10". 

Step 5: Hot glue the larger ribbon on the black of the heart that is going to be at the top of your craft. (My friend stapled her ribbon to the back of hers rather than glued.)

Step 6: Glue (or staple) the rest of the ribbons to each of the backs of the hearts, at the tops and the bottoms, linking them together, like so: 

And your done! See wasn't that easy! It took me a couple of hours to do it because of drying time, but it was so much fun and I love seeing it hanging on my living room wall. I am seriously considering leaving it up all year round! Not just for Valentines! Have fun crafting!

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