Monday, January 21, 2013

28 Days of Love

I've been excited about this idea that I came up with for a couple of weeks now. I would have had this idea up on the blog a couple of weeks ago, but it took me a while to track down some mini crafting mailboxes. Believe me, it wasn't easy since we don't have a Hobby Lobby here, lol. Anyways, I wanted the month of February to be something more than just Valentines. We seem to build up Valentines day in our mind the closer it gets, and I don't know about you, but sometimes it's a let down for me. Now, I love my husband to death, but the poor dear HATES Valentines day. Mostly because he feels like floral shops and stores use it as an excuse to quadruple their prices. I don't blame him, I find it rather ridiculous that I can go to the store right now and get a dozen roses for around $10.00, but on Valentine's it seems that some places charge $10.00 for a single rose! So for that reason, I give my husband the ok to not buy me flowers on Valentines. However, a love letter would still be nice.

So I thought, why not give a love letter to everyone in our family, every day of the month. This is something that each family member can participate in, and I think it would be a REAL self esteem booster for those of you who have children who are need of a little extra love this Valentine season. The great thing about all of your family members participating, is that at the end of the month, everyone will have received 28 love letters from each member of the family...for our family that means that each of us will have over 100 love letters each by the end of the month! How cool is that? Now here's how it works:

I made these love letter templates that you can copy and paste from the end of this blog post. They are small enough that all you need to do is write down just one thing that you love about that family member each day. So for instance, beginning February 1st, I would write to me husband: I Love that you are always there for me. To my oldest daughter I would right: I Love that you are always willing to help me around the house. To my son: I Love when you give me hugs and kisses! They make me feel happy! And to my youngest, who is about to turn 2 soon, I would write: I Love your little giggle!

See, they are just simple little things, but writing out 28 things that you love to each member of your family is sure to make them feel good and in turn make you feel good. So how about we get started on this craft huh? Here is what you will need:

1 Mailbox for each member of your family (I bought mine from Discount School Supply, I got a dozen of them for around $15.00 total and that included shipping! However, I know you can get some craft mailboxes from Hobby Lobby, and even some cute mini tin ones from Amazon for like $3.00 per mailbox.)
The Love Letter templates printed onto Valentine colored card stock or paper (you can find the templates at the end of this blog post).
Foam Paint Brushes
Toll Paint
Stickers & Other Embellishments for Decorating

Now, this is really just a 2 step process, and I hope you don't mind that I don't have as many detailed pictures and instructions as I have had in my tutorials in the past, but I think these 2 steps are just as easy to tell you as it is to show you. So once you have gathered all your supplies, paint and decorate your mailboxes. We made it a family activity, and even got together with another friend and her children and made it a 2-Family craft since I had extra mailboxes to share. Each family member made painted and designed their own mailbox and I'll tell you what, they sure turned out pretty dang cute! I was amazed at the talent of the little children! Check them out!

This one belongs to my husband. The majority of his mailbox was all one color...until our littlest one got a hold of a paintbrush with paint still on it and decided to "help" daddy lol.

This is the back side of his mailbox.

This is our baby's mailbox, her dad and I both helped her paint it, and her dad helped her decorate it with stickers. She is a HUGE fan of the Disney character. I added the "bling" to her mailbox using a hot glue gun and gemstones from the craft section at Wal*Mart.

Here is the backside of the baby's mailbox, I scolded daddy a little for putting Minnie Mouse on the back since Minnie is our baby's favorite character.

Here is my mailbox. This is one of the few times where what I thought in my head didn't come out like I thought it would in the finished product. I laugh at it now, because I think my mailbox looks like a dog house for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua! LOL!

The backside of mine...I know, plain and simple.

Here is my 7 year old daughter's mailbox. She had SO much fun painting and decorating it! she is a little mini me!

The back side of her mailbox...

She even took the time to decorate the inside as well! So cute!

My son's mailbox....we let him paint his own as well, I actually think he did a pretty good job considering he is only 5, and he kept the mess down to a minimum. Can you tell he likes Avengers?

Oh and pirates...he LOVES pirates too.

Here is my friend's daughter's mailbox. She had SO much fun decorating hers. She actually was starting to get a little frustrated that she was running out of room because there was so much she wanted to put on there!

The back side of hers.

My friend's mailbox, I was particularly fond of the googly eyes and the mustache, I almost put the same on my mailbox as well.

I think she was rather fond of the googly eyes and the mustache to, this is the other side of her mailbox.

This is my friend's son's mailbox, as you can see, he shares the same love of Avengers as my son. 

Here is the backside, as you can see he shares a love of mustaches just like his mom lol.

He decorated the inside of his as well.

Now, onto Step 2 of this little craft project. Cut out your Love Letter templates, there are 30 altogether that I have provided for you, so that is more than enough to have a different looking love letter for each day of the month. Once February 1st hits, start writing your love letters and put them in each others mailboxes each day. You can have a family activity each night where you each sit down to write your love letters together, and then when you are done, read your love letters from the night before...or let your love letters build and read them all at once on the last day of the month. Whatever you choose!

Again, I apologize for the lack of a "real" tutorial, but I hope you understand as to why I didn't really need to provide one. Have fun sharing the love this Valentines month! I hope you all feel the love!

Here are the Love Letter Templates:


  1. Love this! I will be doing this with my family this year. Thank you!

  2. This is so cute I can't wait to do it with my husband and our kids - for boys they can be super crafty like their momma!!! =] Lol

  3. Cute idea thanks for the tutorial

  4. This is a great idea that is really cute! I hope this is the correct place to comment to possible get the templates of this for free!

  5. These are such cute templates and I am so excited to this with my family. :) I love the mailboxes. Now I just have to go find some. LOL Thank you so much! I saw this on Facebook this morning and had to take a look. :)