Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Angels: 12 Days Of Christmas Paper Nativity Craft

For those of you who didn't hear, a couple of months ago I got called to be the Activity Days leader over the 8 & 9 year old girls. I'm so dang excited! I love that its pretty much all about crafting with a purpose! LOL. This is the first activity that I came up with for the girls.

I know it's not original, I mean my thought process was original, I did think up this particular 12 Days of Christmas Nativity all on my own, but I have no artisic talent whatsoever, and our ward also doesn't have the budget to purchase real nativity sets. So I thought if I searched hard enough I could find some kind of nativity papercraft, or at least someone who had created the nativity clipart seperately. I found plenty of nativity pictures with everything in one picture, but I wanted everything seperate so I could make a 12 days of Christmas out of it. (I know I'm blabbering on and on and on...but I promise, it's all up hill from here!) So, I found this clipart from Etsy by Tammy Deyoung:

I absolute LOVE it and it was TOTALLY worth the $5.95 that she charges. If you want to purchase it yourself so you can make this papercraft nativity as well, you can go here.

Anyways, the idea is, is that each night, starting December 13th and ending December 24th, our girls (a.k.a Secret Angels) are going to take a piece of the nativity and put it inside the basket, along with a nativity scripture. We'll, of course, keep it a secret until the very last night, where we will take them the Baby Jesus piece and probably a treat and then reveal ourselves to the ward members we have chosen. (We are choosing to do these baskets for some of the single and elderly in our ward.)

Anyways, here is a simple way on how to make your own, you don't have to do a whole bunch, but it's a nice and cost efficient reminder of the season to help show others that you care and are thinking of them. Here is how you can make your own, if you make a whole bunch of these, and get everything you need from the dollar store, you can make each nativity basket for less than $5.00!!!

So, first you will need:

1.) A Small Basket
2. )Floral Arranger Foam Pieces (the size and how many you will need depend on your basket, so make sure you have your basket with you when buying the foam pieces.)
3.) 1 Bag of Shredded Yellow Paper (I'm sure you can shred your own paper at home, but you can get a bag for a dollar in the gift wrap section of the dollar store, and its already kind of curly for you, but whatever you want always works!)
4.) A Hot Glue Gun (and extra glue sticks)
5.) Scissors
6.) 5 Bamboo Skewer Sticks (You can probably use toothpicks, but the skewer sticks are sturdier and are longer too.)
7.) And the Etsy Clipart, which you can resize it however you like, I resized mine in Micosoft Word so that I could easily fit 12 of each piece of the nativity clipart onto 1 sheet of paper. Except for the stable, I only put 2 stables per page.)
8.) Oh and you will also need the scriptures/quotes to go with each piece, I made my own using the clipart from Etsy, and unfortunately the owner of the clipart wouldn't allow me to share them here on this blog post, I do apologize, but has some great scriptures and quotes already typed up for FREE to go with each piece, you can get them here.
Now, here is how to make the nativity basket: You want to start off by gluing together the pieces of floral arranger foam, (if you had to get more than one piece for your basket):

Next, you want to stuff the shredded yellow paper (a.k.a. "straw") on and around the foam:

Now cut out your clipart:

Next, cut apart (or break) your bamboo skewer sticks into 4 pieces each, you are going to want 13 small sticks when you are done....

Now, hot glue each stick to the back of each figure....2 on the back of the stable...

(I glued the star to the stable, but you can do that seperately if you want to do the star on its own night.)

Now each piece sticks into the foam in the basket like so...

So, each night you put a new piece to the nativity in the basket that your ward member or neighbor should leave out on their doorstep each night and voila! 12 Days of Christmas Paper Nativity Craft! I hope you enjoy! I can't wait to think up more ways to use this be prepared you may see at least one more post featuring this nativity in the VERY near future!

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