Friday, November 2, 2012

My Church Coloring Book

Often around this time of year, I start making my Christmas lists of what I am going to give everyone for Christmas, and since my extended family continuously grows, I found myself in the position of wondering what I am going to get for my nieces and nephews and a few of my friends kids. I knew I wanted to do something simple...but not "Dollar Store" simple. Now I am totally not trying to offend anyone here, but sometimes I think the phrase "it's the thought that counts" get abused. I realize times lately have been tough, and many people have been really tight on their budget, however, if you have many nieces and nephews and a small Christmas budget, might I suggest this Church Coloring Book as an alternative to going to the Dollar Store for a toy that will most likely break within the first 24 hours of playing with it?

I made each of these coloring books for my nieces, nephews, my children and other children, and even made a couple of extras just in case I forgot someone, and each book cost me around $5.00 per book once you include the cost of paper and ink. First off, I found these AWESOME coloring books when I happened upon this picture on facebook by's facebook page:

I actually came across this picture on my fb page on the most perfect day! My husband and I were having a little bickering match that had been going on since the day before, and after I saw this I thought "wow, I am being a total Laman!" I immediately went to the page that originally posted it and found out that it was by a website (Little that is currently working on creating an LDS coloring book app for your children for church. Talk about SCORE! I was so excited! I have been looking for a coloring book app for my kids for church. I've found a few of them on mine and my husband's phones...but the coloring pages aren't really that cute, and the animation is poor. I think Ty from is an incredible artist and I love the work he has done!

Which leads me to the whole reason for his post. When you go to his other you can enter in your email address to be notified when his coloring book app is available...and to add on to that good news, if you refer 6 of your friends back to he will give you 3 church coloring books to download and print for FREE! So there you have it! You have 3 coloring books for FREE! Now all you need to do is pay for the paper (which you can get a package I think of 500 sheets of paper from Wal*Mart for only $3.00 or less, which is MORE than enough paper for these coloring books) print them off for each of the children you are making them for, and then bind them somehow. I bought a 3 ring binder for each, a pencil case, and a box of crayons so they could easily keep everything for their coloring book together. Also, I made sure that the parents of each of my nieces and nephews were referred to LittleLDS so they can get the coloring books for themselves and add onto the coloring books I am making for their children this year. You can probably easily keep the coloring books you make under $5.00 each, and I think they would still be very thoughtful and well used and loved by the children (and the parents) you give them to.

I made a binder cover, and some front covers for each of the coloring books to seperate them, and then put the all together in the 3 ring binder. I think they turned out great and I can't wait to give them out on Christmas!

Here are some pictures of what the some of the pages look like in his coloring I say he is an amazing artist!



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