Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Chore Chart

I have spent the last few months trying my hardest to come up with a chore chart for my kids. I found multiple charts through Pinterest, some really excellent ones might I add, and even some free printable charts. Heck I even have a printable chore chart on my blog! (Somewhere, lol). However, none of them help the organization and the key to chores that I was wanting to find. Finally, yesterday it hit me...a FAMILY chore chart. Who says chores need to be done and rewarded by kids only? Of course moms and dads do a HUGE amount of work around the house, but we never get a reward, and sometimes I don't think our kids really see just how much we do around the house. So I came up with this little system here:

As you can see I put all kinds of chores on there. I went through my cleaning routines in my house and wrote down all the chores that we do. I didn't include things like: "get dressed" "brush teeth" "play nicely" because those things are to be expected of my family members, but you can always add those to yours for your little ones. Anyways, having the "hard" chores on there not only shows the kids how much mommy and daddy do around the house, but it also gives kids a chance to TRY, and parents a chance to TEACH their children how to accomplish that chore on their own or with help from a parent.

I've already been asked, "What are those things sticking up out of the name cards?"

Those are, in fact, Chore Tickets. As you can see they say "Chore Completed On:", I am going to get all of the family's chore tickets laminated, and then use dry erase markers to write on the ticket when that chore was completed. That way I can see when the last time it was that I cleaned the Chinchilla cage, or perhaps thank my husband for taking out the trash when I didn't see. (It's proof for him too, so he can say "I took out the trash...and here is proof!" LOL)

Now, I'm sure some or a lot of you are here to find out how to make ones of these yourself, and let me tell you it is SO easy and SO budget-friendly! I can't wait to put mine into action! Hopefully by August 1st! However, let me just apologize in advance, my mind is jumbled today with everything I have got to get done, including this tutorial, so if this seems jumbled or a little unorganized, please forgive me and bare with me, I'm trying to please everyone at once! LOL

First off, you are going to need the following items:

A 2' x 3' Framed Cork Board
Various Colors of Cardstock
Index Cards
Tape (Not Pictured)
Thumb Tacks
Dry Erase Markers (Not Pictured)

And the following templates:

Print these out onto White Cardstock (At least that's what I did, but you can choose any color you like.)

Also print these onto White Cardstock (Or the same color as you printed the template above.)

I also printed these onto White Cardstock, but you can do these a different color of you like.

Print 1 of each of these pages for each family member you have, each onto a different color of cardstock. you want to do them on different colors so you know who's ticket is who's. Also, the empty box in the top left corner is where you will write their name.

Here are the reward tickets. I printed mine out onto the closest color I could find to gold. (I got the golden ticket! Lol)

Here are some extra tickets if you need them.

Here are the steps to making your own. It is SO easy! Sorry I don't have too many pictures, I was in such a hurry to get this done before inspiration left me that I forgot to take pics. But hopefully the steps without pictures are self explanatory, but please feel free to email me with questions if you have any at:

Step 1: Print & Cut out EVERYTHING.

Step 2: Write the name of the chores and the rewards on the blank cards from above. (You can type the names too by copying and pasting the blank card template into your Paint program and then adding the chore names that way.) Remember the chores and the rewards are completely up to you!

Step 3: Seperate your chores into their 3 categories

Step 4: Tape the category names and the card that says "rewards" to the backs of a full sized 3x5 index card. A different color for each category.

Step 5: Since I didn't have a 5th color of index card, I took an index card and traced it onto black cardstock, and created the background card for the Family Member card. You can do the same if you don't have a 5th color of index cards.

Step 6: Cut some of your index cards in half, enough so that you have one half of an index card for each of your chores. You can do this by folding the index card in half and cutting along the crease of the fold.

Step 7: Once you have chosen the color of index card for each category, and seperated your chores into their 3 categories, tape each chore to the index cards that you cut in half according to their categories/colors.

I seperated the chores into 3 categories:
Daily Chores
Weekly Chores
Monthly Chores

I did this because there are some chores, like laundry, trash, cleaning the chinchilla cage, etc, that don't need to be done everyday or every week (depending on the chore). Although some homes may need those chores done daily, it's however you want to personalize it for your family.

Now here are the chores I can up with for our family:

Clean Up Dirty Clothes (I can't seem to get my kids to put their dirty clothes in the clothes hamper, hopefully this will help remind them.)
Pick Up Living Room (This is just kind of a daily chore of straightening up the living room.)
Clean the Table (This chore is for after meals.)
Wash/Load Dishes
Put Away Toys
Make Bed
Pick Up Bathroom (This one is just tidying up the bathroom, not the full on cleaning of it.)
Set the Table
Put Away Dishes
Clean the Counters (This is also for after meals)

Sweep Floor
Take Out Trash
Wipe Off Trash Can (It never fails, the kids always get food, or dirt or something all over the outside of the trash can)
Vacuum 1 Room (I say 1 room because I am trying to provide everyone with an opportunity to vacuum.)
Wash Off Glass Doors (We just installed glass doors onto our bookshelves to prevent the baby from constantly taking the books off, and keep the chinchilla's from chewing on the books when they are out of their cage for playtime, anyways, there is bound to be many I had to add this chore.)
Wash & Dry The Clothes (This one includes folding as well lol)
Put Away Clothes
Dust 1 Room (Again, this gives everyone in the family an opportunity to dust, or 1 person can do all the dusting and put a ticket in that slot for every room they dust.
Clean Chinchilla Cage

Vacuum Couch (How often do you remove your couch cushions and find tons of junk under there?)
Wash off Bedroom Doors (Always dirty finger and foot prints on our doors)
Clean Out Van (I think my whole family is guilty of leaving trash in the van)
Mop the Floors
Wash Windows in 1 Room
Clean the Bathroom
Wash the Baseboards
Wash off Outside Doors

You can come up with so many more chores, and of course change the chores above to be more personalized to your family chores, home, and needs.

Step 8: Pin everythng to your corkboard using your thumb tacks you can use the picture of my chore chart as a guide for you:

Step 9: Put your Family Chore Chart into action!!!

This is how you do it:

Choose your chore, complete it, write the date/day and/or time that you completed the chore on your own color of ticket, then place that ticket in the "pocket" of the chore like so:

Then at the end of each week (this is how we are going to do it, you can change your's if you want), transfer/trade your tickets for rewards. Take your tickets and put them into the reward slot of your choice. Then you can either swap out your tickets for the reward immediately (if you have enough tickets) or you can swap out your tickets for the "golden tickets" and save them up in your bank (pictures below) until you have enough for the reward you want. Boy, I sure hope I am explaining this well enough for you to understand.

For example, our rewards are:

Money (Decide as a family how much money each ticket/chore is worth)

Date (This is an opportunity for mom and dad to get a date in each week, or for one of your children to get a date with mommy or daddy.)

Time (This reward is for things like: time with friends, time on the phone, time on the computer, time on the game system, etc.)

Hobby (This is for things like movies, eating out, golfing, family fun centers, game centers etc. Basically activities away from home.)

Other (This category we are going to leave up to the person, so if they have something else in mind that isn't listed, this is the category they would save up for.)

Now all that's left for you to do is to create your own "banks" for your saving of money or golden tickets, and then sit down as a family and choose what your rewards will be and how many tickets they will be worth.

Tonight, as a family, we are going to be decorating each of our own banks, these are the containers we are going to be using:

I hope you all have a blast as a family making your family chore charts! I know I am looking forward to finally be rewarded for the chores that I do around the house, other than the satisfaction of a clean house. also, once again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, but I do ask that you email me at, please don't leave your questions in the comment section below, I have no way of answering you, thank you!


  1. Wow! We totally think along the same lines. I was just doing this same sort of thing for my family. LOL!

  2. This is fantastic! I have been struggling with this for sometime and now it all makes since thank you!

  3. Your family has a gem of a mom, may they treasure you always. Your idea is simple, creative, efficient and meets the needs of every member of the family - rewards & recognition & self confidence included. Very well doe.

  4. This is EXACTLY what i was looking for , it hits all the points and is perfect for our family , thank you for sharing these great ideas !

  5. Thanks for sharing the reward tickets as it was exactly what i was looking for my classroom reward system.

    Great tips as well for the family chore chart. Cheers!

  6. I love this. I have a younger brother with issues and my mother during the day and goes to school at night, so I care for him most of the time. Chores are a BIG issue for him, but I love this idea. I bet I could tweak it and recreate it with a poster board . . .

  7. I know you did this quite a while ago. I was wondering how it worked and if it is still working?

    1. Just wanted to share I have been using this for over a year. My chart needs some major repair (summer project) but it works so well! I always know whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher and such!

  8. This is awesome, I did not read through all your comments but how long did it take to put together and are you still maintaining?

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    1. I do believe it was Beach Condensed :)

    2. Thanks much!! So looking forward to putting this into action. MOTIVATION!!!

  11. Are you still using this and is it working for your family?