Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Necktie Holder

Before I begin this tutorial, I must apologize for this being so dang close to father's day. I meant this to be up earlier this week, but life got so crazy, I am just now getting to it. I made this for my husband for father's day, but this would be perfect for any guy for any occasion!

Ok, these are the supplies you will need, sorry not all of them are pictured.

(1) 23.75" x 8" x 63" White Finished Shelf (You can buy any board you want, but I chose this because it was less than $4.00 at Lowe's and was already finished for me so I didn't have to worry about painting it myself.)
Mod Podge
Foam Paint Brush
Sharpie's (Multiple Colors)
Paint Chip Samples
(1) Binder Ring
Plastic Anchors w/ Screws (I bought #14 Anchors with 1-1/4" Screws)
Cup Hooks
Picture Hangers
Super Glue
Drill w/ 7/64" Drill Bit & a 15/64" Drill Bit & a Phillips head drill bit(Don't be scared! It's easier to use than you might think!)
Paper Hole Punch
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Step One: Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the board, mark it a few times along the length of the bottom of the board.

Step Two: "Connect the dots" or in this case, connect the mark that you made to make a straight line that runs the length of the bottom of the board.

Step Three: From left to right (or right to left, whichever you choose) make marks along your line that are all 1 inch apart from eachother like so:

Step Four: Drill a whole at each mark where the 2 lines meet, like I said earlier, don't be scared, it's easier than you think. Give it a try, you just might suprise yourself. Also, don't be worried if you drill all the way through the board, however, I would take it to a surface that is ok to be drilled on just in case you do go all the way through.

Step Five: Clean off the drill "shavings" and then wipe off the pencil line using a Mr.Clean magic eraser.

Step Six: Now, using your best "cheerleader" handwriting, write "Happy Father's Day" across the top of the board. (Or Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, You're the Best, Daddy's Love Ties Us Together, whatever you choose.) Then trace your child's hands across the bottom of the board as well, and if you want, you can write their name and age inside each of the hands like I did. Oh, and this is where you will be using sharpie's. A little tip, too, if you mess up, it's A-OK! Just use your Mr. Clean Magic eraser and the sharpie will come right off.

Step Seven: Next, take your mod podge and your foam paint brush and "paint" a light layer of mod podge over the entire front side of the board. Wait for the mod podge to dry before starting the next step. You can skip to step sixteen while you wait for the mod podge to dry.

Step Eight: Now you can screw in all of the hooks.

Step Nine: Now measure the area where you will be placing the tie hanger. I put mine on the back of our bedroom door, I figured it would be the safest place to keep the baby from pulling all the ties off the hooks, lol. I made my marks 13" apart from eachother on the door and on the back of the board.

Step Ten: Using the 15/64" drill bit, drill a hole in the center of your marks. (You can use whatever size drill bit fits your anchors and screws, I used #14 anchors and 1-1/4" Screws, so this drill bit was perfect to make the holes to fit the anchors and screws.)

Step Eleven: Push the plastic anchor into the hole, You may need to use a hammer to help you out a little, but if you can't push the anchor in with your fingers even just a little bit, then make a bigger hole, if you use a hammer to push the anchor into too small of a hole, you will just smash and/or ruin the anchor.

Step Twelve: Using your drill and a phillips head drill bit, drill the screws into the anchors.

Step Thirteen: Now mark the back of your board for your picture frame holders, Make sure your marks are 13" apart, just like you did on your door or wall.

Step Fourteen: Now it's time to use your super glue. Super glue the 2 ends of the picture frame holder over your marks on the back of the board.(You don't have to, but I did because the nails that came with the picture frame holders were so small, I didn't want to fight with holding the picture frame holders AND nailing in the tiny little nail.)

Step Fifteen: Now nail in the 2 little nails into either end of the picture frame holders.

Step Sixteen: This is a little side project, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, it's just something extra I wanted to do for my husband. It actually worked out for him perfectly because he happens to work at a paint store, so paint chip samples were easy for me to come by and it just seemed fitting for him. Anyways, take this template:

Print it out onto cardstock, and you and your children write a reason in each box why your husband "ties" your family together. Then cut out the squares and staple them to the colored side of the paint chip samples.

Step Seventeen: Using a paper hole punch, punch a single hole in the top left corner of each paint chip. Then bind all the paint chips together with a binder ring.

Step Eighteen: Now you get to hang up your finished project...just too make sure it hangs :), then you can take it back down and wrap it up for your husband. Enjoy!!!

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