Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Headband Holders For Bows & Flowers

This is by far the easiest tutorial I think I will ever do on this blog, and for those of you who are into flowers and bows for your daughters, I am confident enough to say, I bet I just found you the cheapest way to provide any hair accessory for your sweet little girls!

Here is the tutorial, done with only 3 items and in 4 VERY simple steps:

Step One: Gather the following supplies:

A Hot Glue Gun & Extra Glue Sticks
Headbands (I bought mine from Wal*Mart, these ones were like $3 or $4 dollars for 6 of them.)
Ribbon (Your choice of color and width, mine is 1" in width.)

Step Two:

Take the end of your ribbon (do not cut any off yet, just start with the end of the ribbon on your roll), and hot glue it to the bottom/inside of the headband. Where ever you want to place it is fine. I like mine off to the side, because I think a flower/bow right ontop of a headband would look kind of silly, but that's just me.

Step Three:

Now wrap the ribbon around the headband once, very tightly, and glue it again on the bottom/inside of the headband:

Step Four:

Wrap the ribbon around again, this time loose enough that you can slide the clip of a flower/bows through the loop, then glue it one last time on the bottom, cut off the excess, and your done! See wasn't that just the easiest thing ever???

Now just change out your flowers and bows to match your little girl's outfit each day! This is SO much easier than making my baby sit still while I try to put a ponytail or pigtails in her hair lol. Enjoy!

Oh and the flower that you see in the pictures above were actually purchased recently from a local girl here in town, she has some pretty amazing deals as well, and the deal she had for these flowers were just too good to pass up. I know she ships her merchandise, so if you are interested, you can check her out here.

Here is an ebay store you can purchase bows and flower from also, they have an AWESOME selection, great prices, and don't forget to check out their korker bows. They have so many color combinations and such great quality work! Oh My Boutique

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