Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ultimate Menu Board Variation

Last week I came up with the Ulimtate Menu Board Tutorial, but I was actually rather embarrassed by my lack of organization in creating the tutorial and how I came up with the Ulitmate Menu Board. Well I changed it today to what you see now in the Ultimate Menu Board Tutorial, however, I had a few readers that liked the original way that I had done the Ulitmate Menu Board, so I thought I would take a moment to show you the original way, in case that is how you might want to do it too.

First off, I had mentioned 2 ways of storing your 1,000 recipe title cards:

You can hang the recipe title cards from your cork board strip using 21 push pins & 21 binder rings like this:

Or you could wrap a rubberband around each category of recipe title cards and store them in a 1.2 QT latch box like this:

Then the other way I have shown everyone was to assemble your board to look like this:

Now the reason for the change to the new Ultimate Menu Board Tutorial is because....

One: the picture above may not look like it, but seeing the board put together that way just looked WAY crowded, WAY cluttered, and WAY bulky. It was bothering me, and it embarrassed me that I had even thought that up or put that idea on my blog and facebook for everyone to see.

Two: It is a potential hazard for it all to hang like that from the board. I cannot guarantee that the board will not fall from the wall. Even if you did hang it correctly, and bolt the brackets into the studs in your wall, I just couldn't guarantee the safety of the board with 1,000 recipes hanging from it and 1,000 recipe title cards hanging from it.

and Three: once you have hung all 1,000 recipe title cards from the board, your board will stick out away from the wall, at least an inch, therefore making it even more unsafe possibly, and when it sticks out from the wall it looks even more bulky. It actually annoyed me personally...but that is the reason for this little mini post, because some of you out there might like this way, and if you hang it inside your pantry door or a closet door, you could hide the bulkiness of it!

(What the board looks like when it's being pulled away from the wall by the recipes)

If this is the version you would want in your Ulitmate Menu Board, then all you need to do is add 11 Push Pins to the 10 that your are told to have in the original tutorial, and change your 12.7 QT latch box for the 1.2 QT box. If you are buying one of the Ulitmate Menu Board packages, email me and I will be sure to give you the 1.2 QT box instead of the 12.7 QT box, and I will give you the extra push pins.

Thanks for everything everyone! I love hearing your comments and compliments! You all are so awesome!!!!

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  1. Amazing!!! I love reading all about this. I have not dove in yet but this is so inspiring.