Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ultimate Menu Board

Exactly one year ago today, I created the famous Menu Board tutorial, and now here I am with 1,116 followers on my blog, 601 "likes" on my facebook page, and over 50 Menu Board's under my belt that I have created for my family, friends and customers! So of course it only seems natural to evolve the Menu Board, so I have created the ULTIMATE MENU BOARD! This is a special treat for me, not only because it is the 1 year anniversary of my Menu Board Tutorial, but also because this is my 100th blog post! I'm so excited! I couldn't be more happy to share this new Menu Board tutorial with you!

Before we get started, I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you! I don't think I would have had the motivation to keep my blog going if it weren't for all of you. I remember when I first created the Menu Board, I kept thinking to myself that people would laugh at my Menu Board with all of its OCD tendencies layed out in a nice an organized fashion. Who else would possibly think like me and want to organize their meals like that? Well, it turns out, A LOT of you! Over 2,000 of you actually. Even though all those that have purchased the Menu Board files over the past few months are not all blog followers, I'm just happy that I can help someone make their mealtimes less stressful. So thank you, and with all of that being said, let's get started on this brand new Ultimate Menu Board Tutorial!

First off, you will need to gather the items from the picture below, the items are listed underneath the picture and all of these items can be easily found at Wal*Mart, Staples, & Office Max.

A 17x23 Dry Erase Board with Cork Board Strip
18 Different Colors of Cardstock (This amount listed below will include the cardstock needed for the recipes and their recipe title cards as well. You will need a total of 390 Sheets of Cardstock.)
-17 Sheets For Copy Cat Recipes & Dips & Sauces Recipes
-59 Sheets For Breakfast, Dessert, & Soup Recipes
-30 Sheets For All the other categories
The CyberSpecialties Digital Recipe Compilation Book
42 Binder Rings
36 Jeweled Magnets
332 Reinforced Lables a.k.a. White Rounds

A 12.7 Quart Latch Box, you can find this in the storage department at Wal*Mart

21 Stainless Steel Outdoor Hooks (The brand I bought was Symmetry and the number on the package is 1705, I found them in the hardware section of Wal*Mart.)

Once you have gathered your supplies, you will want to follow these simple steps to assemble and complete your Ultimate Menu Board. Please forgive me for not having pictures of some of the steps. I thought they would be pretty self explanatory, but if you need a little help with some things, you can always check out the Original Menu Board Tutorial by going to any of these 4 links:

Menu Board Tutorial Part 1
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Step One: Gather all the supplies listed above.

Step Two: Purchase the Menu Board Files. (you will need these for the date numbers, & the calendar month strips, it will also come with a bonus 100 recipes + their coordinating recipe title cards, and even a blank recipe template to add your own family recipes to your family's Menu Board.)

Step Three: Purchase the CyberSpecialties Digital Recipe Compilation Book

Step Four: Print out your CyberSpecialties Recipes & Recipe Title Cards onto 18 different colors of card stock. One color for each category.

Step Five: Cut out the 1,000 recipe title cards. Set aside.

Step Six: Cut out your 1,000 CyberSpecialties Recipes, and their coordinating Title Pages that were included with the recipes. Then place a reinforced label in the top left hand corner of the front of your recipe, flip the recipe over, and place another reinforced label on the back of the same corner as the first one that you placed on the front of the recipe. Then, using your paper hole punch, punch a hole in the middle of the reinforced label. when you have done this with all the recipes, bind each category/color of recipe together with a binder ring. You will need to split the Breakfast, Dessert and Soup recipes in half. Meaning you will have 2 binder rings for each of these 3 categories. Then store your 1,000 recipes in your 12.7 Quart latch box like so:

Step Seven: Here is where the new and improved part of the Menu Board comes in. Here is what makes this the ULTIMATE Menu Board. Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and mark the bottom of your dry erase board.

Start by finding the center of your frame, which is 3/8". Mark it 4-5 times down the length of the frame, and then use those marks to help you draw a straight line down the middle of your frame like so:

(Please ignore my slippers lol.)

Start by marking 1/2" in from the end of the frame on the board, like so:

Then, starting from that 1/2" mark, measure and mark at every 1" across the rest of the dry erase board's frame. When you are done marking, you should be 1/2" away from the other end of the frame and have 23 marks.

Now, each of your 23 marks, with the 3/8" line drawn down the middle of your frame, you should have 23 cross sections that look like this:

Step Seven: Here is where you need to use your "handyman" skills, or grab your husband and have him do it for you. You will need a drill and a 3/32 drill bit. Starting at the SECOND line that you marked from the end of the frame...

Drill a hole into 21 of the 23 marks that you made. DO NOT DRILL A HOLE IN THE 2 MARKS THAT ARE ON EACH END OF THE BOARD! You will not need to drill in very far, just enough to get your hole started, you will be able to screw the hooks in the rest of the way.

Step Eight: Screw in 21 of your hooks into each of the 21 holes that you just drilled.

Step Nine: Hang your board on your wall and add in all of your components to your board. Meaning, now you will hang your 1,000 recipe title cards from the 21 hooks on your board, add your month title strip at the top for the month that it is, hang your excess month title strips from your board like shown in the post, add in your date numbers, and then place your 18 category title cards on the cork board strip and your done! You are now ready to choose your recipes for your menu for the month. If you want to know a little bit more about how the Menu Board works, you can go here.

I hope this little tutorial made sense. I tried as best I could to explain it. However, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me through email only! Please do not leave your question in a comment at the end of this post, I have no way of contacting you to answer your question. Thank you!

Oh and this Ultimate Menu Board is now for sale!!! To see pacakges & prices for the Ulitmate Menu Board, you can go here and scroll down to the last 2 packages for the Ulitmate Menu Board.

Thank you so much for your time!


  1. First, I love your menu board idea, I am currently working on putting mine together. I loved the change that you had posted last week of the Ulitmate Menu Board. I really liked the way that you had the Ulitmate Menu Board set up lot better last week.
    Thank you for all of your hard work that you have put into this idea.

  2. Thank you Scrappin! I am going to try and make another post for the version you like! :)

  3. I purchased my dry eraseboard before seeing this and it's identical to your original. This one is different, where did you find one with a wood frame?

    Sylviamwarren at Yahoo

  4. I made your original menu board and as a very busy mother of three (slightly OCD) I LOVED it! I didn't have to figure out dinner anymore. I couldn't afford to purchase your recipes but it wasn't hard to use my own, since then (a year ago this month) I have been less stressed over dinner and can spend more time worrying about other things. I have added many new recipes and was looking for a few small changes to make it less messy (my recipe cards hang close to my work surface and they are getting a little icky), So I decided to update to the ultimate menu board! I am just getting started but I already see lots of positive changes. Thank you co much for the wonderful ideas!! Keep them coming!!

  5. My mother-in-law saw this and thought of me because I am WAY WAY OCD and have always wanted something like this but never manage to sit down and think something up. So I am SUPER SUPER happy there are lots of crazy it has to be uber pretty and uber organized people out there like you!!!! I have been horrible about doing dinner because its too stressful and this takes all the stress out of it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  6. I thank it a great idea for planning

  7. I finally finished my menu board after a long time putting it away and finally getting to it again. I think the hardest part was punching the holes because the generic hole punchers can't punch through many sheets at one time and it hurts your hands. But I recently acquired a crop-a-dile by We R Memory Keepers and it not only does 12 sheets at a time, but it doesn't hurt the hands. I quickly got it all done in no time. Now that it is done, it is the best thing ever. I just wish I had thought about the more industrial strength hole punchers back when I first started as I would have had the benefit of using my board a lot sooner. This is an amazing idea and I am so glad I hopped on the band wagon for this. Thank you so much for this.

  8. I am getting ready to remake my menu board. I made one way back in the beginning and am repurchasing it with lunches and intent to start 2017 right.