Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Magnetic Puzzle

A while back I did a tutorial on making a 6-Sided Puzzle, (and for those of you who haven't seen them, you can go here) anyways, my 4 year old son, who doesn't have much patience, especially for puzzles, was getting very frustrated with the 6 sided puzzle. So I thought I would simplify things for him. I wanted to eliminate as much frustration for him as possible, and that includes not allowing pieces to move out of place while he tried to put the puzzle together, so this is what I came up with: Magnetic Puzzles!!!

Here is how you can make your own, and it only takes your computer's printer, a piece of cardstock, a pair of scissors, and magentic tape!!!

Step One: Once you have gathered the supplies listed above, print out your's or your child's puzzle of choice using these links:

Puzzle Templates 1
Puzzle Templates 2
Puzzle Templates 3

Step Two: Print out and cut out your puzzle template...

Step Three: Cut out fifteen 1-inch strips of magnetic tape...

Step Four: Cut those 15 strips in half, so you should now have 30 magnetic squares...

Step Five: Place each of your magnetic squares on the back of each of your puzzle pieces...

Step Six: Give your child their new puzzle and a magnetic surface to put it together on, such as a cookie sheet, a dry erase board or you refrigerator, and let them have at it! I know my kids loved it!!!

Step Seven: Store your new magnetic puzzles inside ziploc bags! Isn't that just so simple and so cost effective? I love it! So does my kids, and my husband! LOL!

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