Friday, March 30, 2012

Hide & Seek ABC

I "heard" of the idea for this game from a commercial on the Disney Channel and I made sure that I wrote it down on my to do list immediately. I was planning on printing and cutting out my own letters, but then I saw these while shopping and I couldn't resist the ease of using these instead of making my own...I think they were only $5 or less and it comes with 6 of each letter, and even after the stick wears out I can always use tape.

Anyways, my kids LOVED it! It kept them busy and happy for a good half hour, so of course I was happy too. :)

Just take the letters and stick them to stuff around the house that those letters start with. Below are pictures of what I did, but you can totally come up with your own. Be creative and have just as much fun hiding them as your kids do finding them! (Oh and sorry in advance for the low quality pictures, my camera gave its last breath this morning and my hubby says I can't buy a new one yet cause my birthday is coming up lol, so please bare with my camera phone photos for now :)

A is for Ally/Alex (those are my kids names, so I put the "A" letters on their pictures.)

B is for Books (or Bookshelves)

C is for Chair

D is for Door

E is for Envelope

F is for Fish (or Fishtank)

G is for Grass (my daughter happened to be growing some from her kindergarten class.)

H is for Hat

I is for Iron

J is for Juice

K is for Keys

L is for Lid

M is for Money

N is for Nightlight

O is for Oven

P is for Picture

Q is for Quilt

R is for Ravioli

S is for Stove

I put T and V together to make TV lol

U is for Unicorn

W is for Water

X is for Xbox

Y is for Yarn

Z is for Zipper

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