Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Jar Lid Games

Well, here I am again going way above what I need to in my crafts, especially my crafts for my kids. I have this frame of mind that if it doesn't take me more than 5 minutes to make, then its not worth making. Don't ask me why, I guess I'm just strange lol. Anyways, these are so easy to make and my kids already love them! I originally found the idea for this when I was doing a Google search trying to find a use for the 100's of baby food jars that I have been saving up for months now. I ran across Alison's blog Oopsey Daisy and found her idea to use the baby food jar lids, then her game sparked my own ideas for games and I started searching for clipart. I must say that I absolutely LOVE the clipart that I found! TOO CUTE! Now, onto the very easy and very cheap tutorial! (Guess what? If you don't have baby food jar lids, you can always just laminate these pictures and attach the magnets to the back, you still have the game you want, just maybe not as durable.)

Baby Food Jar Lids:

First you will need:

These Templates, printed onto White Card Stock (You can do some or all! Whatever you want!)

There are 2 different ways to print these, you can copy and paste these pictures into your Paint program, then when you go to print, make sure you go to page set up, select "horizontal" and then make sure your pages you will be printing on are 1 by 1.


Open your Microsoft Word program, adjust your page to be horizontal and 0.5" margins all the way around, then copy and paste your pictures into your word document. Both of these ways should make the circles print out the correct size for your lids.

You will also need:
Magnetic Tape (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the magnetic tape, its the same magnetic tape that I use in my Menu Board Tutorial, you can find that picture HERE.
Hot Glue Gun + Extra Glue Sticks
10-94 Baby Food Jar Lids (How many you need depends on how many you want to make.)

Now, Step 1:

Cut out all of your circles...

Step 2:

Warm up your hot glue gun.....then place a small dot of glue in the center of your baby food jar lid. (You will notice that mine are purple inside, thats because I was ditsy enough to print out my circles and cut them all out, before I double checked to make sure that they fit in the lid, so rather than resize and print out a new set, I cut out colored circles to fit in there, I know it took me longer, but at least now I can tell the difference between my kids' games since I am making a set for each of them. Don't worry, yours should be the correct size.)

Now place your picture circle on the inside of your lid....

Then, using your thumb, press down firmly so that the paper is secure and the glue flattens out...

Step 3:

Cut out your magnets. Start by cutting out 1/4" strips, then cut those strips in half so you pretty much have a 1/4" by 1/4" square...

Now apply a small dot of glue the the back/outside of your lid, then remove the piece of paper from the adhesive side of your magnet and press the magnet, adhesive side down, onto your dot of glue. (I know there is already adhesive there, but it doesn't hold very well to the lid, so the hot glue is just a reinforcement.)

Then just repeat steps 1-3 until you have finished all of your lids! I did all 94 of them. Now I can teach my toddler his numbers and letters, and while I am making dinner, he can sit by the fridge and I can ask him to "find me the hedgehog" with the animals. Then my 6 year old can practice matching her capital letters with her lower case letters, or she can match up the names of the animals with their correct alphabet letter. So many options! I might just put them on cookie sheets to and make them car games for the kids!

Have fun! Here is a picture of my completed 94 lids!

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