Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Car Caddy

I also found this idea on pinterest, (isn't it just an awesome website???) and just knew I had to make one of these for my son. He is always wanting to take cars with him in the car, but I always hesitate because I swear it never fails that he always loses one. So I had to come up with a way to make one of these on my own! So here it is...just for my son (and for all of you to of course)! For some of you who have been with me for a few days now will have probably seen the Sketchbook Caddy tutorial, and you will probably notice that this tutorial and that one are VERY similar. I tend to keep things simple. :)

First, before you start this project you will need the following items:

A Sewing Machine (Of course)
Your Color Choice of Thread
A Totinos Party Pizza w/ Box (Keep The Box, I know this sounds strange now, but trust me, you will understand later.)
1-2 Yards of Your Color Choices of Felt (You may need more or less depending on how many books you are making or how many pockets you want in it.)
2 Large Buttons
A Hot Glue Gun
Needle (One that has a hole big enough to fit the yarn through it.)
Car Template
Figure "8" Template
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Sharpie Marker
8 Toy Cars (Hotwheels or about the same size)

Once you have gathered all your materials, bake your pizza if you want, if not, store your pizza back in the freezer, without the box, just be sure to remember or write down the instructions for baking it later. Now take the box and open it at both ends....

Now cut down the middle of one of the sides....

Then open up the box and lay it flat like so....

Next, cut of all the side panels at the seams....

You should be left with two 9" x 9" pieces of cardboard. These are going to be the "book" part of your caddy. This will help support your caddy from the inside so the book isn't flimsy.

Next, you need to make your "patterns" for your felt pieces. For the Book Pattern, take 3 pieces of cardstock and tape them together, then using a ruler, measure out a rectangles that is 20" long by 10" tall.

Now repeat this step and make a pattern with a rectangle measuring 20" long by 3" tall. So when you are done you should have 2 patterns that look similar to these:

Now it's time to cut your felt. Lay out your felt on a hard flat surface like your kitchen counter or table. Now lay out your "patterns" on top of the felt and trace around your patterns onto the felt using a Sharpie marker.

Repeat this step until you have traced both of your rectangle patterns TWICE.

Now cut out your patterns.

Now you should have 2 felt rectangles that measure 20" x 10" and 2 felt rectangles that measures 20" x 3".

Next, take your 20" x 10" rectangles, fold them in half, and cut. You should be left with four 10" x 10" squares.

Now, print out the following templates onto cardstock: The Figure "8" template and the car template. You will need them both for this next step. Print TWO copies of the car template. ***Tip, when you click on the picture, copy and paste it into your "Paint" program on your computer. (Everyone should have this program as it comes standard on everyone's computer as far as I know.) Now once you have pasted it into your Paint program, go to the top left corner and click on the tab that says "File". Now scroll down to "Page Setup" and click on it. Next you will need to select "Portrait" (for the figure 8 template) or select "Landscape" (for the car template) in the orientation section. After you have selected the orientation of the paper, click on the circle next to "Fit To" and then type in the amount of pages that you want your template to print on (One page total). In those 2 boxes please make sure it looks like this: "1 by 1 pages". This should ensure that your templates come out the right size for your caddy.***

After you have printed out your templates, cut out the figure 8 like so:

Now trace your figure 8 onto black colored felt:

Then cut out your figure 8:

Now, take your TWO copies of your car template. With one of the cars cut out the headlights ONLY. On the other car cut out the frame of the car, the bumper, the wheels, and the steering wheel all seperately. Like so...

Now trace the wheels and the steering wheel onto black colored felt, then cut them out: ***Make sure to make TWO sets of wheels, you will see why later. I know the picture doesn't show it, because I forgot myself to cut out 2 sets lol, but please read this and remember to cut out TWO sets of wheels***

Next, trace a set of "Headlights" onto Yellow colored felt and cut them out:

Now trace a set of "tail lights" onto red colored felt and cut them out:

Finally trace the car frame and the bumper onto your color choice of felt. (I am going to be tracing my car frame and my bumper on to 2 different colors so my car frame and bumper will be different colors from eachother.) ***Repeat this step so that you have TWO car frames and TWO bumpers***

Now, before we move on to our next step, make sure you have all of these items cut out from felt:

Four 10" x 10" squares
Two 3" x 20" rectangles
A Figure Eight
A Steering Wheel
TWO sets of Tires (so 4 tires altogether)
TWO Car Frames
TWO Bumpers
A Yellow Set of Head Lights
A Red Set of Tail Lights

Now its time for the sewing machine. Make sure you have threaded your machine with your choice of thread.

Take one of your 20" x 3" rectangles and fold it in half...

Sew down the length of ONE of the sides using your sewing machine...


Now, take a car (the biggest fattest one would be best, just to make sure all the cars will fit, not just some of them) and tuck it down inside your piece of felt, and slide it all the way the side that has been folded over.

Now, LEAVING THE CAR INSIDE, sew a seam as close to the car as possible, use the car to help you sew a straight line, start sewing at the bottom of the felt, where you sewed your first long seam...

Now, take out the car and slip it along the otherside of the seam that you just sewed, and sew another seam along that side...

Keep repeating this step until you have 4 car "pockets"...

Repeat the last few steps until you have TWO sets of car "pockets"...

Now sew the car pockets to ONE of the 10" x 10" squares. Sew the bottom of the car pockets and the two small sides down to the square, you will end up with 2 extra pockets that look like this:

Now take one of your 10" x 10" square with the cars pockets and one of your 10" x 10" squares that has yet to have anything sewn to it... Sew two sides of the "blank" square to the back of the "prepared" square.

Now take one of your pizza box squares (see, I told you they would come in handy :), and slip it in between your two squares that you have just sewn.

Sew the other two sides closed around the piece of cardboard. Repeat the last couple of steps with your other two blank squares. When you are done, you should have two squares that look like this front and back...

Now remember WAY back at the beginning of this tutorial, I told you that you needed yarn and a large needle? Well, guess what, you are finally going to use them! LOL

Before we start with the needle and yarn , I need you to grab a ruler and Sharpie marker.

Now, on the "prepared" side of your squares, place a Sharpie dot every 1/2" along the outside seam (where the thread is) of the square, like so...

Mark those dots all along all 4 sides of the square. Now, repeat this step with only ONE side of your other square. When you are done you should have 2 squares that look like this.

Now, you will need to mark only ONE side of the backside of each square, hopefully I can explain this next part well enough that you know which side you will be marking on the backside of your squares. Now, make sure your prepared squares are face up like this...

Make sure the open sides if the car pockets are facing the left hand side of your square...NOT UP! Trust me on this, you will find out why later, but for now, your crayon pockets need to face the left side.

Now, take the square on the left and flip it over towards the left...

Now, take the square with the car pockets and flip it over towards the right...

Now take your Sharpie marker and your ruler and mark ONLY the LEFT hand side of the square on the left side and ONLY the RIGHT hand side of the car pocket square.

Now that you are done marking, get your needle and thread a LONG string of yarn through it. (Maybe like 3 feet long?) Now, starting on any side BUT the side that has been marked at the back, start threading your yarn through the holes around the squares, kind of like you did in school when you threaded yarn through the paper Christmas stocking...Remember to tie a knot at the first dot you poke through, cut off the excess yarn, and then keep threading through each whole along the side, making sure to always push the needles through the FRONT of the square (the side you marked with the dots.)

When you are done threading your squares, you should have three sides each(remember you don't thread the side where you marked dots on the back), that look like this...

Now its time to bind your will need your needle and yarn again...
First, fold the left side of the book over on top of the car pocket side of the book. Like so...

Now, starting to the bottom of the book, thread your needle through, tie it off with a knot, and then start threading through like you did the other sides, except this time you are going through BOTH squares, you are binding them together...

Hang in there! You are doing great so far! I know this is a long tutorial, and there are probably some steps that I could have left out, but I try to make this as easy as possible, and hopefully, question free too. :)

Now its time to get out your hot glue gun and glue down the figure 8 and the you 2 cars (front and back).

Starting with the figure 8, make a hot glue ring around the top part of the figure 8 and glue it down to the inside left hand side of your car caddy...

Now fold up the bottom half of the figure 8 ontop of the small top of the figure 8 that you have already glued down....make a hot glue ring around the bottom of the figure 8 and then press it down on the caddy...

Now glue your car front (the car with the yellow lights) to the front of the car caddy...

Then repeat this step and place your car back (the car with the red lights) on the back of your caddy...

So now we are on to the part where we make the handle...
You will now need those 2 buttons and the ribbon. Warm up your hot glue gun. Cut about a 12" piece of ribbon, and glue one end of the ribbon down to the back of the book. Glue to the middle of the side where you open the book. Then glue your button over the piece of ribbon.

Now turn your book over and repeat on the other side with the ribbon and the button, keep in mind that your ribbon will be making a loop...please leave it like this for now, I will explain in a moment what to do with that loop.

Now, cut the loop in the center...

Then tie it together to close the book! :)

Now load the cars into the pockets of the caddy and your done! I hope your son, or whoever it is that your making this for...absolutely loves it! (I hope mine does too lol, we shall see come Christmas morning!) As always thank you for your time, compliments, and for being a fan and follower of my blog! I will be M.I.A. for a while as I have quite a few Sketchbook Caddy's and Car Caddy's and Can O' Dates + Sweethearts Journals to make for my family and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years in case I am not back by then! :)


  1. Oh my! This is absolutely adorable! The tutorial is just fabulous too! So detailed, but seems relatively easy! Thank you so much for sharing! Can't wait to make one for my son!

  2. I look forward to making gifts for my children this Christmas... thank you for this adorable idea! You are so very creative!

  3. This is great! I am going to make this for my son's second birthday. He LOVES cars!

  4. So cute!

    I’d love it if you shared this with the Fun Family Crafts audience.
    FFC is similar to Craftgawker but it only features kid friendly tutorials.

    Looking forward to seeing what fun crafts you submit!

  5. Love this! I have been crafting with felt since September, so many wonderful ideas out there. The only thing I would add to this, is instead of the number 8, having a landscape roadway, to drive the cars on, or have a pocket for a larger one made to go with this that can be folded up with the car caddy. =) Amazing!

  6. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift idea. The instructions are so thorough!

  7. I would add some yarn stitching to the number 8 track, like lines in the road...or like Kalei said, make a pocket and add some straight felt tracks that they can use to make their own roads.

  8. I would probably put the pockets so the straight edge is facing downwards(if that makes sense?) so that they wouldn't slip out.

  9. This is so easy to follow. Thank you. I made it, my grandson loves it but, the cars fall out when he carries it. Any ideas on that? I may try to Velcro dot them in.

  10. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I will be making one for my little car obsessed grandson, Colton.