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Can O' Dates w/ Sweetheart Journal

I found this idea a few months back. I don't quite remember how I came across it, but I'm thankful just the same, especially since my husband and I are CONSTANTLY trying to think up different date night ideas. Especially on weekends when we are on a tight budget. I think dating after your married, and especially after children is SO important. I've compared our relationship to the years we went with dating only every few months or so, to these past few months where we have managed to go on a date nearly every weekend. It helps our relationship and our marriage so much. So, when I found this Can O' Dates, I couldn't help making my own version of one, and of course, making one for every married couple in my family this year! They also have a tutorial and all the print outs on their website as well, you can get all the printables to make your own by visiting the Dating Divas and their Can O' Dates. I changed my version up a bit and made it to fit formula cans instead of the can bought from Michael's that they suggest. Here is the link if you wish to do there's, other than that, keep reading to see how to make the ones I created!

The Dating Divas: Can O' Dates

Ok, so here we go. Step one: You will need the following supplies: (I used to have all the printables on my blog, but the Dating Divas have so graciously offered to put my printables on their website, so you can go to their original post for these printables listed below.)

Foam Paintbrush
Pen or Pencil
Composition Notebook
Empty Formula Can
Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun
Can O' Dates Can Labels
Can O' Dates Can Lid Label
Can O' Dates "Dating Divas" Tag
Can O' Dates "Sweetheart Journal" Poem
Can O' Dates "Sweetheart Journal" Front Cover
Can O' Dates "Sweetheart Journal" Back Cover (This Printable is optional, you can substitute this printable for a brown piece of card stock.)
2 Pieces of Pink Card Stock
Can O' Dates Date Ideas, All 75 of em' (Below)

Now, I know that seems like a lot for you to gather up, but trust me, this will be one of the easiest crafts/gifts that you ever make!

Step Two: Print out the "Date Idea" printables and cut them out accordingly. (These are also found on the Dating Diva's website.)

Step Three:

Now that you have everything printed, this is going to be the most "painful" part. I don't know about any of you, but I don't own a paper cutter, so everything from above that you just printed out, you will need to now cut out with your scissors. Including seperating each date idea, all 75 of them.

Step Four: (This step is if you chose to not print out the back label to the journal, I chose not to as this time since I ran out of ink in my printer.)

Once you have cut out the journal's front label, place it on top of your brown piece of card stock and line it up with two in the sides like so:

Now trace around the journal cover front, and then cut out the shape that you have now traced onto the brown card stock. This will serve as your journal back cover.

Step Five:

Get your 2 pieces of pink card stock. The purpose of these will be to cover the ugly writing on the inside of the covers of the composition notebook. Open your notebook and place a sheet of the pink card stock inside. Make sure to line up the card stock with the straight edges of the notebook as best as possible, like so:

Now carefully close the piece of cardstock into the notebook and then trace around the edge of the notebook, like so:

Next, cut out the shape you have just traced. Now, get your second piece of pink card stock and place it under your newly cut out shape. Trace around the edges to make your second pink card stock shape, like so:

Now cut out your second shape, this will be for the inside cover of the back of your notebook. You should now have everything cut out and ready to go.

Step Six:

Roll Up each date idea, (Or you can fold, I tend to go more elaborate, if you haven't already noticed from my previous blog posts) and then tape the edges closed, you can even go as far as to tie each one with a piece of string or yarn. Remember, you will want to roll them up pretty tightly since you will be trying to fit 75 "scrolls" inside your formula can. Also, remember to combine the papers for dates #10 and #12, they have more than one paper for the date as they go into a little more detail.

Place your "scrolls" into the can until they are all rolled up and done, then move on to step seven.

Step Seven:

Using your hot glue gun, glue the Can O' Dates Lid Label to the center of the formula can lid.

Press and rub down the label from both sides of the formula can lid to ensure that the label is on there good and that the hot glue underneath is smooth instead of bumpy.

Step Eight:

Using a hot glue gun, draw a line of glue down the side of the can. (You can remove the label on the can, I find that it doesn't matter either way.) Then apply the Can O' Dates Front Label to the can.

Now, draw another line of glue just under the end of the front label and glue down the end of the label.

Now repeat the above 2 steps and glue the back label to the back of the can. It will overlap, so it is your choice if you want to even it out and let it over lap over parts of the front label, or cut it short, whatever you want. :)

Now, replace the lid on your can and you are done with the Can O' Dates portion of this tutorial...stick around at the end of this blog post for the Sweetheart Journal Tutorial.

Step Nine:

Now, this part is cool, because making this journal does not REQUIRE Mod Podge. Frankly the only reason why I am using it for this is cause I have a little bit left so I am just using it up, but for all the Mod Podge you use in this next part of the tutorial, you can just as easily use your hot glue gun. It's SO much cheaper to.

Using a very VERY small amount of Mod Podge, paint a VERY light layer of Mod Podge onto the front of the composition notebook. You only need enough to adhere the journal cover to the cover of the notebook. If you use to much, your journal cover and the notebook cover will BOTH wrinkle and bow out.

Now carefully apply your journal cover to the front of the notebook, aligning the bottom right hand edges of the label first, then smooth down the journal cover. Apply more Mod Podge to corners if needed.

Now, repeat these same steps for the inside covers of the composition notebook, using the 2 pieces of pink card stock for the inside covers of the front and back, and the journal back cover (or brown card stock) for the back of the notebook.

Thin layer of Mod Podge...




Done! Now place a large/heavy book on top of the journal and leave it there for about 10-20 minutes until the glue dries. This will ensure that it doesn't bow out or wrinkle. This should be enough time for you to clean up :).

Step Ten:

Using a paper hole punch, punch a hole through the brown dot at the top of the Dating Divas tag.

Step Eleven:

Using a regular glue stick, glue the Sweetheart Poem to the inside cover of the journal.

And that's it! You are all done! Using curling ribbon or fabric ribbon, or even yarn to tie the Dating Diva's tag to your can and then to tie the can and the Sweetheart Journal together. Happy Dating!!!

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