Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sketchbook Caddy

Well, I found this idea on Pinterest, and when I finally tracked down the person's blog that it came from, I was a little bugged to find that it cost money to get the "instructions" for it. I knew it was something that I could do on my own anyways (although I am always up for the easy way out, which is why I wanted the instructions in the first place), so I told all my friends that I was going to make my own sketchbook caddy for my daughter for Christmas and that I would make instructions myself and put them on my blog, so here they are. Please forgive me if its not quite what you saw online, but it is my version and I hope you like it. Also keep in mind, that this is only my 2nd project on the sewing machine ever, so we shall see how this goes. :)

First off, you will need:

A Sewing Machine (Of course)
Your Color Choice of Thread
A Totinos Party Pizza w/ Box (Keep The Box, I know this sounds strange now, but trust me, you will understand later.)
1-2 Yards of Your Color Choices of Felt (You may need more or less depending on how many books you are making or how many pockets you want in it.)
2 Large Buttons
A Hot Glue Gun
Needle (One that has a hole big enough to fit the yarn through it.)
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Sharpie Marker

Step One:
Once you have gathered all your materials, bake your pizza if you want, if not, store your pizza back in the freezer, without the box, just be sure to remember or write down the instructions for baking it later. Now take the box and open it at both ends....

Step Two:
Now cut down the middle of one of the sides....

Step Three:
Then open up the box and lay it flat like so....

Step Four:
Next, cut of all the side panels at the seams....

You should be lift with two 9" x 9" pieces of cardboard. These are going to be the "book" part of your caddy. This will help support your caddy from the inside so the book isn't flimsy.

Step Five:
Next, you need to make your "patterns" for your felt pieces. For the Book Pattern, take 3 pieces of cardstock and tape them together, then using a ruler, measure out a rectangles that is 20" long by 10" tall.

Step Six:
Now repeat this step and make a pattern with a rectangle measuring 20" long by 3" tall, and also a rectangle that measures 9" long by 6.5" tall. So when you are done you should have 3 patterns that look similar to these:

Step Seven:
Now it's time to cut your felt. Lay out your felt on a hard flat surface like your kitchen counter or table. Now lay out your "patterns" on top of the felt and trace around your patterns onto the felt using a Sharpie marker.

Repeat this step until you have traced all 3 of your rectangle patterns. Make sure to trace the 20" x 10" rectangle and the 20" x 3" rectangle TWICE each.

Step Eight:
Now cut out your patterns.

Now you should have 2 felt rectangles that measure 20" x 10", 2 felt rectangles that measures 20" x 3", and a felt rectangle that measures 9" x 6.5".

Step Nine:
Next, take your 20" x 10" rectangles, fold them in half, and cut. You should be left with four 10" x 10" squares.

Step Ten:
Now its time for the sewing machine. Make sure you have threaded your machine with your choice of thread.

Take one of your 20" x 3" rectangles and fold it in half...

Step Eleven:
Sew down the length of ONE of the sides using your sewing machine...


Step Twelve:
Now, take a crayon and tuck it down inside your piece of felt, and slide it all the way the side that has been folded over.

Step Thirteen:
Now, LEAVING THE CRAYON INSIDE, sew a seam as close to the crayon as possible, use the crayon to help you sew a straight line, start sewing a the bottom of the felt, where you sewed your first long seam...

Step Fourteen:
Now, take out the crayon and slip it along the otherside of the seam that you just sewed, and sew another seam along that side...

Keep repeating this step until you have 10 crayon "pockets"...

(Sorry about the coloring in my pictures. My camera is kind of old and crappy lol, but don't worry, I've asked "Santa" for a new camera for Christmas.)

Repeat steps 10-14 until you have TWO sets of crayon "pockets"

Step Fifteen:
Now sew the crayon pockets to ONE of the 10" x 10" squares. Sew the bottom of the crayons pockets and the two small side down to the square, you will end up with 2 extra pockets that look like this:

Step Sixteen:
Now take ONE of your 10" x 10" squares and your 9" x 6.5" rectangle...center the rectangle on top of the square...

Step Seventeen:
Sew the rectangle to the square by sewing ONLY THREE of the sides...the two LONG sides and one SHORT side.

Now you should have two 10" x 10" squares that look like this...

Step Eighteen:
Now take one of your "prepared" 1o" x 10" squares and one of your 10" x 10" squares that has yet to have anything sewn to it... Sew two sides of the "blank" square to the back of the "prepared" square.

Step Nineteen:
Now take one of your pizza box squares (see, I told you they would come in handy :), and slip it in between your two squares that you have just sewn.

Step Twenty:
Sew the other two sides closed around the piece of cardboard. Repeat steps eighteen and nineteen with your other "prepared" square and "blank square". When you are done, you should have two squares that look like this front and back...

Now remember WAY back at the beginning of this tutorial, I told you that you needed yarn and a large needle? Well, guess what, you are finally going to use them! LOL

Step Twenty-One:
Before we start with the needle and yarn , I need you to grab a ruler and Sharpie marker.

Now, on the "prepared" side of your squares, place a Sharpie dot every 1/2" along the outside seam (where the thread is) of the square, like so...

Mark those dots all along all 4 sides of the square. Now, repeat this step with the other prepared square.

Step Twenty-Two:
Now, you will need to mark only ONE side of the backside of each square, hopefully I can explain this next part well enough that you know which side you will be marking on the backside of your squares. Now, make sure your prepared squares are face up like this...

Make sure the open side of the sketchbook pocket (the part that is not sewn) is at the top of your square.

Make sure the open sides if the crayon pockets are facing the left hand side of your square...NOT UP! Trust me on this, you will find out why later, but for now, your crayon pockets need to face the left side.

Now, this is what your squares should look like right now, side by side.

Now, take the square with the sketchbook pocket and flip it over towards the left...

Now, take the square with the crayon pockets and flip it over towards the right...

Now take your Sharpie marker and your ruler and mark ONLY the LEFT hand side of the sketchbook pocket square and ONLY the RIGHT hand side of the crayon pocket square.

Step Twenty-Three:
Now that you are done marking, get your needle and thread a LONG string of yarn through it. (Maybe like 3 feet long?) Now, starting on any side BUT the side that has been marked at the back, starting threading your yarn through the holes around the squares, kind of like you did in school when you threaded yarn through the paper Christmas stocking...Remember to tie a knot at the first dot you poke through, cut off the excess yarn, and then keep threading through each whole along the side, making sure to always push the needles through the FRONT of the square (the side you marked with the dots.)

When you are done threading your squares, you should have three sides each(remember you don't thread the side where you marked dots on the back), that look like this...

Step Twenty Four:
Now its time to bind your book....you will need your needle and yarn again...
First, fold the sketchbook side of the book over on top of the crayon pocket side of the book. Like so...

Now, starting to the bottom of the book, thread your needle through, tie it off with a knot, and then start threading through like you did the other sides, except this time you are going through BOTH square, you are binding them together...

Step Twenty-Five:
Hang in there! You are doing great so far! I know this is a long tutorial, and there are probably some steps that I could have left out, but I try to make this as easy as possible, and hopefully, question free too. :)

So now we are on to the part where we make the handle...
You will now need those 2 buttons and the ribbon. Warm up your hot glue gun. Cut about a 12" piece of ribbon, and glue one end of the ribbon down to the back of the book. Glue to the middle of the side where you open the book. Then glue your button over the piece of ribbon.

Now turn your book over and repeat on the other side with the ribbon and the button, keep in mind that your ribbon will be making a loop...please leave it like this for now, I will explain in a moment what to do with that loop.

Now, cut the loop in the center...

Then tie it together to close the book! :)

Step Twenty Six:
I promise you this is the last step, and probably the easiest...load your sketchbook caddy with your sketchbook and crayons...

And VIOLA! You're very own Sketchbook Caddy! I hope this helped and I hope you and the child who uses it, love it! Thanks again!

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