Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Candle Cans

If you've all been following me on facebook, you should have already seen the pictures to these! I had so much fun making these and I can't wait to light the candles inside them tonight! Here is the tutorial and how to make these cans along with the templates for the pictures. This is so easy! Believe me even your 5 year old could make these! (With adult supervision of course.)

First, you will need:

10 Formula Cans (You can used any can you want, you will just need to size your paper to cover the cans to the size of the can that you have.)
Construction Paper
Halloween Templates, colored and cut out
Hot Glue Gun

You will also need:

Wax Paper
3 1/2" Cookie Cutter (Or something similar in shape and size)
A Sharpie
Candles (One for every can that you are making, I bought mine at our local dollar store, 3 for $1.00.)

Now, choose your template and the color of construction paper to go with it.

Fold the construction paper in half so that when you open it back up you have two 6" x 9" rectangles. Cut apart those 2 rectangles.

Using the pen and the ruler, measure out on one of the 6"x9" rectangles two more rectangles that measure out at 4"x6". Remember, your measurements may be different for formula cans that are bigger or smaller than the standard 12.4/12.9 oz cans. ***After you have cut out the 2 smaller rectangles, KEEP that small 1"x6" piece of paper, you may need it in the future to help cover up spaces on your cans.

Now using your hot glue gun, glue your two rectangles around the outside of the can. You will have about a 1 inch gap, which for some of your templates will be just fine because your templates will be big enough to cover up that gap. For templates such as the mummy, that have space between the legs, you will need to use your 1" piece of scrap paper to cover up that gap.

Next, glue your template to your can using the hot glue gun. Make sure the bottom of the template is level with the bottom of your can.

Now, using your wax paper, the cookie cutter, and the sharpie, draw a circle for every can you are making onto the wax paper.

Cut out your wax paper circles.

Finally, place the wax paper circle inside your can and place the candle on top of it. ***Tip, you can use a small piece of tape to hold the wax paper down inside your can.*** The wax paper is in there to make it easy for you to replace the candle when it has melted down and no longer usable.

Now here are the templates, these are all direct from google's search engine, and all come from different free coloring pages websites. You can always look for your own pictures if you like.

I hope you have fun making these! And please, feel free to find Robbygurl's Creations on facebook and share the cans you have created! I would love to see them! Here are my Halloween Candle Cans:

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