Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Personal Progress Tracking Poster

So I wanted to be able to see where all the young women in our ward were at with their personal progress...all at once. I know the Church has provided tracking sheets for us as leaders, but this poster was a way for me to see the "bigger picture". It is a way for me to see where our Laurels are at, as well as our Mia Maids and Beehives...I'm even thinking about talking to the bishop and extending my calling out to the Relief Society as well, I know how many women never got the chance to get their medallion, and now they do have that opportunity.

Anyways, as always, I will provided any non-personal templates for you. Always feel free to email me a list of names and I will always personalize things for free for you and I can do it pretty darn quickly, most likely the same day you email me. In case you don't have my email: Please do not ask question in the comment boxes on posts as I am not able to comment on my own blog, and when you comment, it doesn't leave me your email address either.

So for this project you will need:

1-2 poster boards (or more, depending on how many young women you have, we have 37 including leaders in our ward, so it took me 2 poster boards to make ours.)
1 Sheet of card stock in the color of each of the 8 values
8 Sheets of Avery Full Sheet Labels
A Ruler
At Least 3 Sheets of Pink Card stock (or color of your choice, try to stray from the 8 value colors)
8 Sheets of White card stock (1 for each set of value experience numbers, you may need more if you have more than 23 girls as there are 23 sets of value experience numbers on each page.)
Tape or Glue

I think just looking at these pictures alone is pretty self explanatory as to where everything goes. Like I said before, I am providing the templates for everything non-personal. Please feel free to email me your list of names and I will email you your templates with their names on them.

Here are the templates for the Value Experience Numbers, these are the pages that you must print out on the white card stock. These are the cards that you will use to mark off which experiences and project each girl has completed for each value. (Just a side note, you can use the Value Flower stickers that I am also providing in this tutorial to mark off each experience and project completed.)

Faith Value Experience Numbers

Divine Nature Value Experience Numbers

Individual Worth Value Experience Numbers

Knowledge Value Experience Numbers

Choice & Accountability Value Experience Numbers

Good Works Value Experience Numbers

Integrity Value Experience Numbers

Virtue Value Experience Numbers

Now here is the Value Flower Stickers, these are what you be printing onto the Avery Full Sheet Labels. Each sheet will make 300 stickers.

Faith Stickers

Divine Nature Stickers

Individual Worth Stickers

Knowledge Stickers

Choice & Accountability Stickers

Good Works Stickers

Integrity Stickers

Virtue Stickers

Finally here are the "Category Cards". Print each value out onto their coordinating value color of card stock.

Just cut everything out and glue or tape them in the places just like the poster board picture shows. Each space for the young women names will be 1 inch tall by 4 inches wide as well as the Value Experience Numbers. The "Category Cards" are 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide. And the banner that goes across the top is 4 inches tall and spans the width of the poster board (the long ways).

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