Friday, August 26, 2011

YW Value Experience Cans

I was recently released as Mia Maid advisor, so for those of you who used my blog for hand out ideas for your lessons, sorry, I won't be creating or posting anymore of those unless of course I substitute for someone. However, with all that being said, I was given a new calling in the ward, Personal Progress Specialist. I am now in charge of helping all the girls to do and finish their personal progress requirements. So my first "idea" in this position, was to create these value experience cans to help the girls not feel so overwhelmed when they open up their books. The idea behind these cans is that when the girls sit down to choose out a value experience. Rather than be overwhelmed with which experience to choose or where to even start, they can simply open up these cans and choose out an experience inside. Each experience is color coded to is value color so if the girl already has a value in mind that they need to work on, they can choose just that color out of the can. These were a huge hit at our personal progress party that we just had this past Wednesday, and I hope you use them and they are just as big a hit!

Here is a short tutorial on how to make these cans:

You will need the following:

1 Formula Can for each girl you are making one for. (I'm sure you can use another type of can, this is just what I had gathered up specifically for this project.)

The Can Label, printed off onto white card stock. (I put up a blank label on this post, but if you would like yours personalized by me, feel free to email me at I will do it for free and I would love to do it for you!)

All 8 value experiences printed onto their coordinating colored paper. Sorry, the value experiences are not including in the picture above, I had already cut them out and rolled them up when I took this picture. (Faith-White, Divine Nature-Blue, Individual Worth-Red, Knowledge-Green, Choice & Accountability-Orange, Good Works-Yellow, Integrity-Purple, Virtue-Gold.)

Multiple colors of yarn or string, between all of us leaders, we were able to come up with all the value colors just in the yarn we had at home.

Lid Labels, printed onto white card stock as well.
Hot Glue Gun

Cut apart the 7 value experiences for each color (4 for virtue), roll them up, and then tie them with the yarn. Try to roll them tightly, so that all 53 experiences can fit into the can.

Cut out the lid labels and hot glue one lid label to the lid of the can.

Cut out the can labels

Glue the can labels to the can. ***Make sure the labels are not going to overlap each other and trim them accordingly BEFORE gluing to the can.*** Don't worry about the lines showing where the 2 labels meet, those will be covered in the next step.

Cut out a 36" strip of ribbon and fold it in half, then crease it. This will help you find the center of the ribbon so you can glue it more evenly onto the can. Next, turn your can upside down and place a small dot of glue from your hot glue gun onto the center of the bottom of the can. Then apply the creased part of the ribbon to the glue and press down. ***Make sure you line up the ends of the ribbon with the sides of the can where the lines are where the labels meet, the ribbon will cover those lines.

Now glue the ribbon up the side of each can over the lines where the two labels meet.

Place the rolled up and tied value experiences into the can and then replace the lid on the can.

Now with the excess ribbon, tied a bow over the lid to give it that "pretty" look.

The picture above is a picture of all the cans we did for our young women's, we even made cans for the girls coming into young women's for the rest of the year and invited them to our party as well. Now below is everything you will need to print off the items for this can. Enjoy!

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