Monday, August 15, 2011

Personal Progress Value Cans

Ok, so having a formula fed baby in the house sure can have its creative advantages. A few weeks ago, I was trying to think of way to help the girls with their personal progress. (Which by the way I have recently been released as Mia Maid advisor and was put in as Personal Progress specialist, I guess these Personal Progress Value cans were an inspiration, its like I already knew I was meant to help these girls with their personal progress.) Anyways, the idea for these cans came after I started saving the formula cans, thinking I could use them in some way. These value cans are just the start of the formula can crafts I have planned!!! These were pretty simple and I still intend on decorating them a bit more, I just wanted to share them with all of you!

In this post I will give you my step by step instructions on how I created these cans, however, in the way I created them, I understand how many of you might not be able to create them my way, but hopefully you can use the contents inside and go with them in another container of some sort.

The whole idea behind these cans is to help the girls plan out which value experience they are going to do next, rather than be overwhelmed when they turn to their books and see all that they still have to do. In our ward, we try to schedule one personal progress activity each month. In this activity, we choose a value experience to do as a class. We bring our scriptures and our journals, and we sit together in a circle, each of us taking turns reading the required scriptures for that value experience. Then we each take some time to discuss the scriptures and what they are saying, then take some personal time at the end of the activity to write our own feelings and understandings of the scriptures in to our journals. I designed the cans with the idea of having the girls, as a class, pick out a value experience. So the Sunday before the Personal Progress activity, after the Sunday lesson, have the girls decide on which value they would all like to work on that week. Then once they have chosen the value, open the can and select one of the "scrolls" inside, that will have the value experience (straight from the personal progress book) written inside. That will be the value experience that you work on together as a class, and then at the end of the activity, the leaders can sign them off.

Without further ado, here they are:

For this project you will need the following:

8 - 12 oz. Formula Cans
2 Sheets of Card stock in each of the following colors: (Small tip, you can buy just 2 sheets of each color at your local copy shop for pretty dang cheap about 10 cents, and they have a huge selection of colors.)
White (Faith)
Blue (Divine Nature)
Red (Individual Worth)
Green (Knowledge)
Orange (Choice & Accountability)
Yellow (Good Works)
Purple (Integrity)
Gold (Virtue)
8 Sheets of Black Card stock
15 Sheets of White Printer Paper
Regular Glue Stick
Sizzix Die Cut Machine w/ Alphabet Letters
Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks
Color Printer
1 Spool of Ribbon for each of the 8 value colors listed above
Yarn (I already had most of the value colors in my craft closet, but you are more than welcome to use only one color or buy all the value colors in yarn as well.)
Avery FULL SHEET labels (2 Sheets)***Optional***

Step 1: Using your Sizzix die cut machine cut out the following words in their corresponding colors. I did every word twice except for Choice & Accountability and Individual Worth since they are both long words and I wanted to have each value on both sides of the cans.

Faith (Use White Card stock)
Divine Nature (Use Blue Card stock)
Individual Worth (Use Red Card stock)
Knowledge (Use Green Card stock)
Choice & Accountability (Use Orange Card stock)
Good Works (Use Yellow Card stock)
Integrity (Use Purple Card stock)
Virtue (Use Gold Card stock)

Step 2: Cut out two 4 1/4" tall X 6 1/2" long rectangles out of one sheet of black card stock. Repeat this step 8 times until you have 16 rectangles.

Step 3: Using a glue stick, glue the letters into their words onto the black rectangles in whatever design you like.

Step 4: Plug in your hot glue gun and get it warming up.

Step 5: Using your hot glue gun, glue the black rectangles to the can and wrap them around until the outside of the can is completely wrapped in the black card stock. (Should only take 2 rectangles per can.) You will have some ugly lines where the black rectangles meet, but don't worry, the next step covers that up.

Step 6: Cut about a 32" strip of each color of the 8 spools of ribbon.

Step 7: Fold the ribbon strip in half and crease it, this will help you find the center of the ribbon before you start gluing. ***BEFORE you glue the ribbon to the can, make sure your color of ribbon matches the color of words on the can.***

Step 8: Turn the can upside down and glue the center of the ribbon to the center of the bottom of the can, make sure your ribbon ends line up with the lines where the black rectangles meet on the sides of the can.

Step 9: Glue the ribbon ends to the sides of the cans, you will have excess ribbon left over, DO NOT cut the excess off.

Step 10: Print out the Value Experience Cards below onto the regular printer paper and then cut them out. You will notice there are some blank value experience cards, these are for you and your class to use to create your own value experiences.

Step 11: Cut out eleven 12" pieces of yarn for every value can.

Step 12: Roll up each value experience card like a scroll and use a 12" piece of yarn to tie around them. Remember not to tie them too tight, this will cause them to fold, thus losing the whole "scroll" effect

Step 13: Draw and cut out about a 3" circle to cover the brand name and wording on the lid of the can, using a hot glue gun, glue the circle to the lid. Make sure your circle color matches the value color of the can.

Step 14: Place each of the 11 scrolls inside each of the 8 value cans. Put lid on can and use the excess ribbon glued to the sides of the cans to tie a cute little bow on top.

***Optional***Step 15: Print out the value flowers below onto the 2 sheets of Avery labels. Then cut out the flowers. Use these flowers to make finishing touches of decorations for the cans.

Here are the Value Experience Cards and the Value Flowers. Please not that the cards do not have the Value name on them, the color of the flower on the card will tell you which value they are for.

Value Flowers

Value Experience "Good Works" 5-7

Value Experience "Faith" 1-6

Value Experience "Divine Nature" 1-5 and "Faith" 7

Value Experience "Individual Worth" 1-4 and "Divine Nature" 6-7

Value Experience "Knowledge" 1-3 and "Individual Worth" 5-7

Value Experience "Choice & Accountability" 1-3 and "Knowledge" 4-6

Value Experience "Good Works" 1-3, "Knowledge" 7, and "Choice & Accountability" 4-5

Value Experience "Integrity" 1-3, "Good Works" 4, and "Choice & Accountability" 6-7

Value Experience "Virtue" 1-4 and "Integrity" 4-5

Blank Value Experience "Virtue" Cards and "Integrity" 6-7 Cards

Blank Value Experience "Good Works" & "Integrity" Cards

Blank Value Experience "Good Works" & "Choice & Accoutability" Cards

Blank Value Experience "Knowledge" & "Individual Worth" Cards

Blank Value Experience "Divine Nature" & "Individual Worth" Cards

Blank Value Experience "Faith" Cards

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