Friday, August 26, 2011

Personal Progress Journal

These are so easy to make! I gave these out as prizes for all the girls who wore all 8 value colors to our personal progress party, also included in this blog post are the invitations we gave to the girls for our personal progress party, just in case you wanted to use them to.

Here is a small tutorial on how to make these, trust me they are SO easy and SO inexpensive!

For this project you will need the following:

A composition notebook (In case you didn't know, they go for $0.40 at Wal*Mart right now.)

The front and back pages for the journal printed onto white card stock. (It must be card stock or your pages with wrinkle when you are trying to glue them.)

Mod Podge Glue (Unless you are making more than 10, you only need the small bottle which is only $2.47 at Wal*Mart.)

Your choice of colored ribbon (The spool of ribbon that I have in the picture only cost $0.47 at Wal*Mart)

1 Package of 9mm acrylic jewels. (You can get a package of 120 jewels for about $3.00 at Wal*Mart)

Hot Glue Gun
Foam Paint Brush
Tinfoil (This is for you to pour your glue onto, but you can use anything. Tinfoil was just what I had laying around.)

Cut out around the boxes on the front and back pages for your journal.

Using the Mod Podge glue and the paint brush, brush a light layer of glue onto the front of the journal. Make sure its enough glue for the page to stick, but not so much that you have glue squeezing out all over the edges of the journal. Repeat this step for the back of the journal as well.

Glue the temple page to the front of the notebook.

Glue the young women's theme to the back of the notebook.

Cut out two strips of ribbon, one about 14" long and the second about 11" long.

Glue the tip of the 14" ribbon to the top left hand corner of the journal. Make sure that the rest of the ribbon stretches out over the top of the journal, this ribbon will go inside your journal and serve as a bookmark.

Glue a jewel over the end of the ribbon at the top of the notebook.

Glue one end of the 11" ribbon to the middle right side of the front of the journal. ***Do NOT cut the ribbon yet***

Flip the journal over and glue the other end of the 11" ribbon to the middle left side of the back of the journal.

Place a jewel over the ribbon end on the front of the journal.

Place a jewel over the ribbon end of the back of the journal.

By gluing the ribbon ends to each side of the journal, the ribbon should have created a loop. Now you can cut it at the half way point.

Now you should have two even strips of ribbon, perfect for the next step...

Now tie the two pieces of ribbon into a bow to tie the journal shut.

And your done! Enjoy!

Journal Front

Journal Back

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