Thursday, August 4, 2011

Foam Flower Hairbows

I'm so excited about this one! A couple of years ago I used to be in the bow making business. After spending months and many many many sleepless night making over 2,000 bows, I went the grueling task of selling ALL OF THEM. Since then I had no desire whatsoever to make another bow again.

Well, 2 years later and all the silk flowers and adorable ribbon bows I've made for her have gotten smashed, crinkled, wrinkled, creased, dirty and tattered. I figured it was time to make her something new, something that didn't wear out quite so easily. I got this idea for foam flowers when our family took a trip to Hawaii. They sell foam Hawaiian flowers everywhere!

When I tried to look online for instructions on how to make them, not only could I not find them, but I couldn't find any other kind of flower either. So with some flower templates I found online, I created these foam flowers.

They are quite easy to make and pretty dang inexpensive. No more paying $4.00 or more for ONE silly little flower that only costs the seller no more than $1.00 per bow. (Believe me I know from experience.)I hope you enjoy!

Following these 3 pictures of my finished product will be a very short tutorial on how to make these flowers, as they are pretty dang easy to make. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to use my templates. There are many different FREE templates online that are pretty easy to find.

Step 1: Purchase and gather together the following items:

1-2 Sheets of Card stock
Good Working Pens (R.S.V.P. pens are the best) or Thin Line Black Sharpie's
A Bag of Assorted Buttons (In both color and size)
Multiple Colors of Foam Sheets (You can buy a pack of 50 sheets in a variety of colors at Wal*Mart for only $5.00)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Alligator Clips

Step 2: Print out the following flower templates onto Card stock. This will make it much easier to trace the flower outline onto the foam. You only need one of each flower, but I put multiple ones on the paper to help take up space so they print in the right size for you. Each LARGE flower should be about 2" in size. Also, you will notice that there are quite a bit more flower templates than what I have used. I just wanted to provide you with a few extra in case you don't like the ones I used.

Step 3: Cut out templates, trace onto foam, and cut out foam flowers.

(I don't know how many of you noticed, but this circle obviously is not part of the template. I forgot to take a picture of the tracing, so this is a picture from another project I am currently working on. I feel it still serves the same purpose, I hope you don't mind.)

Step 4: Arrange and coordinate your flowers but size, color, and their center piece, the button.

Step 5: Glue all the components together and finish by gluing the alligator clips to the back of each foam flower hair bow.

Step 6: Style your daughter's hair and add your own foam flower flair to it! I hope you and your girls love them as much as mine did :).

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