Friday, July 8, 2011

YW Manual 3 Lesson 25: Obedience

I get the opportunity to teach the lesson on Obedience this week to my Mia Maids. I created these bookmarks after the ones from wouldn't print. Along with the handout, and of course the weekly personal progress companion cards that I created, I want to blind fold the girls.

Starting off by having them each divide into groups of 3. (You may want to take the girls outside so the girls are not shouting out commands in the church house.) One of the girls will be blind folded, representing us "mortals" here on earth. Another one of the girls will act as our Heavenly Father and try to guide the girl through obstacles. (I plan on just weaving the girls in and out of cars in the parking lot and around trees and such.) Then the third girl will act as the adversary, shouting out louder than the other girl, trying to make her go the wrong ways and possibly even bump into things.

If the girls make it to their "destination" safely, there will be a reward waiting for the girls (I plan on giving the girls the bookmarks and a $100, just kidding, I do want to give them the 100 Grand candy bar though.)I will wrap up the activity by telling the girls that we have all these commandments given to us by Heavenly Father and when we obey Him and his commandments we not only receive blessings but we will receive the ultimate gift of living with Him and Jesus Christ in Heaven again. However, as we all know, life is not that easy. We have the adversary "shouting" in our minds, guiding us toward the wrong choices and leading us off the path to our eternal home.

I hope it all goes as smoothly as I am seeing it in my mind. :) I hope you enjoy the bookmarks and can use them :). I always love to hear every ones comments, so feel free to share your experiences.

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