Friday, July 22, 2011

Lesson 27: Forgiving Ourselves

I found these cool mini greenhouse flower gardens at Wal*Mart the other day for only $0.35!!! After I bought some and helped the kids plant their own flowers, I had an idea about the whole planting process and how is can relate to the whole repentance process and in turn lead into the lesson of forgiving ourselves. So here is a step by step plan of how I will carry out my lesson on Sunday. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you can use it!

First, I plan on following the lesson exactly as the manual lays it out up until the section "Forgiving Ourselves Is An Imprtant Part of Repentance." From there, I am going to use my own "flower garden" idea as this section of the lesson.

1. Show the class the unplanted seeds. Place the seed on a table at the front of the room, a good distance away from the girls.

2. Choose a young woman to tie to her own chair in 5 different ways. Tie her up using yarn, but don’t make it too tight you don’t want to hurt her. Tie each arm to the chair and each leg, and then tie her waist to the chair.

3. Ask the young women to give an example of a sin that is perhaps repeated over and over again. (For example: swearing, gossiping, dishonoring parents, immodest dressing, etc.)

4. Now ask the girl who is tied up to come up to the table at the front of the room and plant the seeds. She will obviously be unable to do so. Just like the girl is unable to plant the seeds, we are unable to go forward in our lives until our sins have been properly repented for.

5. Ask the girls to list the 5 steps or “R’s” that they learned from the previous lesson the week before. As each girl lists a step, hand them a pair of scissors with the “R” attached to it. After they have listed the 5 steps, allow each girl with a pair of scissors to go and cut one of the strings tying down their fellow young woman. Have each young woman hold on to their scissors after. Explain to the girls that repenting of our sins can help us to feel free.

6. Now tell the young woman that she cannot get up from her chair without first asking permission, and then tell her to go and plant the seeds. After the young woman has asked permission allow her to come to the front of the room. While she is attempting to plant the seeds (hopefully unsuccessfully) tell the girls that after we have repented we need to ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness, just as the young woman had to ask permission to leave her chair.

7. Now, while you were explaining that to the girls, the young woman at the front of the room will have noticed that she cannot open the seed and soil packets (without creating a mess) without the use of scissors. Ask the girl where she can find scissors. (She will then turn to the class and be able to find a pair of scissors from one of her fellow young women.)

8. Tell the young women that now we need to allow the Lord to take our burdens by trusting his power to do so and trust in his love for us. Just as the young woman at the front of the room needs to allow one of the other young women to use her scissors and trust that she can open the packets without making a mess. Allow the young woman at the front of the room to ask for help and while the 2 girls are working together…

9. Ask the girls: “what do we need now to complete the process of planting and nurturing these seeds?” The girls should reply by saying “water.”

10. Tell the girls that just as we need water to complete the planting process, we need to forgive ourselves in order to complete the repentance process.

11. Have a young woman read D&C 88:33. In what way is forgiveness a gift from God? How does this scripture apply to the gift of forgiveness? Why must we have faith before we can totally accept the gift of forgiveness?

12. Have a girl read the following quote by Sterling W. Sill: “God’s forgiveness is often nullified because the sinner does not forgive himself. What good does it do for God to blot our evil from his mind, if we continue to let it dominate our thinking by rerunning it in our own?”

I'll then clonclude the lesson just as the manual suggests and give each of the girl's their own mini greenhouse with the following handout attached:

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