Thursday, June 16, 2011

YW Manual 3 Lesson 23: Overcoming Opposition

Ok, so for those of you who didn't know, the Lesson 3 Manual companion that they gives us suggests that lesson 22 and lesson 23 be reversed. Meaning that we teach lesson 23 first, then lesson 22. That actually excited me since the young women's first counselor and I take turns teaching every other Sunday, and to be completely honest, I am SO much more excited to teach this lesson since I am always looking for ways and reminders to BE HAPPY :). On there were so many ideas and handouts for this lesson. My favorite was a set of 12 keys that someone made for this lesson to go with the 12 keys suggested by President Benson. I wanted to take the handout a step further...I wanted the girls to have "lock boxes" to unlock and find one of the 12 "secrets" to happiness inside.

Well, I couldn't find a paper lock box anywhere online, and I can only imagine how much REAL lock boxes would cost, so I made these paper envelope-style lock boxes with coordinating keys. I numbered the envelopes, and put a symbol to go with the theme inside the envelopes. Then I put the coordinating symbol on the key along with the title to what is inside its matching envelope (aka lock box). This way the girls can match their key with the correct envelope (creating the illusion of a lock box and key) and discover one of the 12 secrets to overcoming opposition. Here are the envelopes and keys I created, along with a box to keep them all in. I know this handout seems a little over the top, but I feel like depression, discouragement, unhappiness etc, comes around so often that I wanted to create a lasting handout for the girls to continually return to in times of need or "opposition".

Also, I'm thinking of including the actual talk given by President Benson with this handout as there is so much inspiring information in it besides the 12 keys. Just another idea for you.

Here is the web address to the actual talk from the Ensign magazine:

These are the "envelopes". Cut around the outer edges, but do NOT cut out each individual shape, other wise you will be taping envelopes back together. Here is an example of what I mean:

Once you've cut them apart fold it along the lines into thirds like the picture below.

You're envelope should look like this in the back:

Place the "key" or "answer" card inside the envelope by either taping or gluing like the picture below:

This is what your envelope should look like in the front when you are all done, you can also tape down the back flap of the envelope to help keep the envelope shut.

Here are the templates for the envelopes:

Repentance & Prayer:

Service & Work:

Health & Reading:

Blessing & Fasting:

Friends & Music:

Endurance & Goals:

Here are the cards that go inside the envelopes. I realize they saved bigger than they actually printed out for make sure when you print them they do not take up the whole 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. They need to be small enough to fit inside the envelope. About 2 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" wide in size.

The Repentance cards co-ordinate with envelope #1:

The Prayer cards co-ordinate with envelope #2:

The Service cards co-ordinate with envelope #3:

The Work cards co-ordinate with envelope #4:

The Health cards co-ordinate with envelope #5:

The Reading cards co-ordinate with envelope #6:

The Blessing cards co-ordinate with envelope #7:

The Fasting Cards co-ordinate with envelope #8:

The Friends cards co-ordinate with envelope #9:

The Music cards co-ordinate with envelope #10:

The Endurance cards co-ordinate with envelope #11:

The Goals cards co-ordinate with envelope #12:

Here are the 12 keys to "unlock" the envelopes (aka lock boxes):

Repentance Keys:

Prayer Keys:

Service Keys:

Work Keys:

Health Keys:

Reading Keys:

Blessing Keys:

Fasting Keys:

Friends Keys:

Music Keys:

Endurance Keys:

Goals Keys:

Finally, I am tying all the envelopes together and attaching the keys (tied together) on top. I hope you are able to use this! Enjoy!

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