Monday, May 9, 2011

YW Personal Progress Scrap Journal Part I

I designed these pages with the idea in mind of meshing together a scrapbook and a journal. I wanted to have everything for my personal progress in one place. So I made this scrap journal as a way to do that. I also, as a leader and mother of a daughter, wanted to provide examples for my young women and my daughter of journal entries and ideas for value projects. I hope you enjoy....because I certainly love the finished product! Also, this scrap journal is going to be a 9 part series as there are quite a few pages for this scrap journal. I want to take a moment now to thank for the value clipart and for the temple clipart! You guys are awesome and so talented!

For this Personal Progress Scrap Journal you will need the following items:

1" 3-Ring Binder
Plastic Page Protectors (at least 48 of them)
White Cards Stock (at least 73 sheets)
Printer with both color and black and white ink

Here is the binder cover page....

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