Sunday, May 1, 2011

Misc. Recipes

You can purchase these recipes along with the other 10 Categories for only $5.00. When you purchase these files, you will receive (via personal email from me) the following files:
- All 100 Recipes in Microsoft Word Form AND PDF Form (This file also includes the coordinating recipe title cards and date numbers)
- A Blank Recipe Template in Microsoft Word Form so that you can add your own recipes
- The Calendar Month Strips in Microsoft Word Form AND PDF Form
***Bonus*** 11 Category Title Cards to place in front of your recipes that hang from the board, these will come in Microsoft Word form AND PDF Form (This file is brand new and has never been offered before!)
You can purchase these files by clicking on this Paypal "Buy Now" button.

To find all of the recipes, you can go into my blog archives, click on "2011" and all the the recipes are in the month of "May", or your can find all of the recipes in the right hand column of my blog under the heading "Menu Board Quick Links."

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