Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Robin's Menu Board Part II

Welcome back everyone! Ready to get started? Alrighty! Onto the rest of the tutorial:

Remove paper from double stick tape on the magnetic buttons and center the acrylic jewel over the top and press down. Repeat until you have used up all the magnetic buttons, you should have 36 altogether. Set magnets aside.

Next, using your sharpie (or label maker) label your 3 "Really Useful Boxes" with the following names: "Past Recipes" "Future Recipes" and "Magnets. Your menu board will be your holder for "Present Recipes". These boxes are just holding the recipe title cards that go on your menu board, not the recipes themselves. Set boxes aside.

Next, open your package of magnetic tape and cut out about 30 quarter-inch magnetic strips.

Now take each quarter-inch strip and cut in half, so you will have about 60 little squares. Set aside.

Print out recipe cards, recipe title cards, date numbers, and category cards onto your choices of colored cardstock. (You can find these items in Robin's Menu Board Part IV of the Menu Board Tutorial posts, or you can click on "Menu Board Tutorial Part 4 in the right hand column of my blog under the heading "Menu Board Quick Links")

Cut apart recipe title cards, date numbers, and category cards. Set aside.

Cut out recipes.

Using the paper hole punch, punch a single hole in the top left hand corner of the recipe card. Repeat this on every recipe card, use first hole-punched card as guide so that all your recipes have holes in the same place.

Using the reinforced labels, place a label on both the front and back of the recipe where you punched a hole. This will keep the recipe from ripping off the binder rings and also save you money from having to laminate the recipes. Repeat until all recipes have a reinforced label on front and back.

Once you have completed the reinforced labels, place a binder ring through each category of recipes. Set recipes aside until menu board is done.

Next, remove paper from magnetic tape and place adhesive side down onto the back of the date number cards until all are complete, when finished place on your menu board in the order for the month you will be starting on.

Repeat the step above for the category cards as well, except this time placing a magnet on each end of the back of the card.

Finally, using a ruler and the push pins, place the push pins 2 inches apart from eachother until all 11 are on the cork board strip. After this step you are pretty much done until you have all the recipes. Now please realize you don't have to buy the recipes from me or wait until they are on this blog, you are always welcome to find, create and type up your own. Just a warning...it took me 4 weeks to do it.

Now one final step that you can do after this is to either use ribbon to hang it like I did with mine....(picture coming soon) or, use picture frame wall mounts to hang yours as well. I highly recommend using picture frame wall mounts, as I had to use several push pins to help the ribbon hold up my board lol, I didn't know it was going to be so heavy). After you have hung you menu board, hang the recipes, mark the month and set the dates, then choose your recipe title cards. Now you will be able to know what you are having for dinner each night, you will know exactly what to shop for at the grocery store, and you will be able to avoid having similar dinners 2 nights in a row! Good luck, I hope this helped and I hope this Menu Board works for your family as good as it is for mine.

To see the finished product and to get more details on where to place things, go on to "Robin's Menu Board Part III" for further instructions, or you can simply click on the "Menu Board Tutorial Part 3" in the right hand column of my blog under the heading "Menu Board Quick Links


  1. Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so excited to make this!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I am going to the store tomorrow!!!